Real trees & 1 year olds

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Aug 31, 2006
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So I've never had a real tree yet always wanted one :cry:

Is a real tree & a one year old a no go?
I suppose like most 1 yr olds she is into everything? In which case the needles dropping off might be a bit of a pain in case she grabs them, but I dont see why a no-drop one shouldnt be ok, even if they drop a few needles itd probably be managable in comparison to a normal one!!
Go with it if its what you want.xx
Any tree and a 1 year old is a no go :lol: Caitlin will have it pulled down inside the 1st 10 minutes:rofl: nah it'll be alright hun, I think you can get trees that dont shed their needles, I got one 1 year and it was good for the whole time:happydance:
Hun, dont! Well, unless you dont mind hoovering/sweeping every 10 mins ! :rofl: , we had one last year for a change and omg the amount of mess it made, never again !

Like Mamafy said, I think it's the decorations rather than the needles that are the worry.... but other people do it right, sure she'll be fine... We're having our first Christmas with my niece walking this year, should be interesting.

My parents always had real trees and last year I managed to convince DH to let me have one. OMG never again, I was still finding bloody needles in May!!
Ok I do enough housework

A plastic one it is :rofl:
Like others have said though you can get ones that dont drop the needles, also if you put a sheet down, it's going to be covered with presents anyway, then it'll make it alot easier!
Marks and Sparks always do the ones that don't drop needles (at least they do in London). They are usually pretty expensive but they look incredibly beautiful and they smell great. When my daughter was tiny I used to get the ones with roots and plant them in the garden afterwards. None of them survived but it was worth a try!
wobbs we had a real one lasy year and it was a no drop one was fine, aslong as you put a little water in the stand so it doesn't dry out :)

we made a right mess gettin it out of the house but i loved it! the smell and everything is so christmassy... i'm sayin all this please take into account i did not have a 1 yr old lol!!

I have real trees and they're lovely!!!! I get a non-drop one and only find it's a pain towards the end of Dec cos of it dying. I have it up 1st Dec and have to take it down a few days before New Years cos of it dropping needles and dying. Now I don't know how Caitlin is but I know with Faith I have never had to worry about real trees with her around as she has always left things alone so to speak so it's your judgement really! x
its up to you hun i think any tee with a 1 year old is a worry, was constantly trying to kep brendan away from the tree last year but you do manage it, especially when there are presents all around it they cant get to the tree then lol! he used to steal the baubles, i think ill have the same problem this year to but he is more persistant lol! i wudnt want a real tree anyway i cant stand the smell of them lol
I've only had 1 real tree but it was already cut for us and sold in the lot, so I'm sorry I don't have the answer for you!

the dropless ones are great these days. Oh, and you can't beat that smell!!!
I have always had a real tree and have pets and plenty of kids :D but always buy a non drop and have had no probs.

I lurve the smell of the tree in the mornings :)
Oooooooo real tree even with your wee girl!

You cant beat the smell of a real tree plus if you have a sturdy base there will be no fear of falling over and we had a non drop one last year and it was fab only needles that fell were from me trying to wrap it up again!:dohh:

Maybe I am biased but we have always had real trees and in my 20 odd years of it I can only remember one year the cat decided toclimb the tree and the baubles fell off:dohh:

Also you can get smaller sized ones so maybe put on table top out of reach?

Ohhhh am all excited about christmas!:happydance:

I've never had the desire for a real tree, couldn't do with all the mess haha. But no matter tree you have the LO will probably be into it anyway lol
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