~> Really Bad Back Pain - Yoga Helps a lot & What are your xmas plans? <~

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by EternalRose, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Jun 30, 2009
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    Hi Ladies,

    (So I thought Id keep it all in one thread :rofl:)

    Merry Xmas to you all first of all & a Happy New Year :wohoo::wohoo:

    ..:drunk::drunk::drunk::drunk:: ( If only we could get drunk, Ive stocked the fridge with non alchoholic becks instead, that will have to do :haha: )

    I dont know about all of you, but the last few days have been manic for me with getting all the xmas bits and pieces, I left it to the last minute once again! :dohh:

    Anyway, I came home from the shopping centre today, and had a nap and when I woke up and tried to get up my lower back ( just above my bottom) was in agony, it felt like my uterus was in my bloody ass..:blush:.I think I screamed the flat down, and I was in a right state over it it was so painful..and my back was clicking too. I had my 23-24 week gp appointment today and he said there is not a lot that can be done about it, its just a pregnancy symptom with the hormones relaxing the bones e.t.c I dont think its SPD, as I can open my legs really far apart e.t.c and its not my pelvis that hurts at all just the lower back region....

    So, my lovely fiance got my pregnancy books out and there was some yoga exercises in it..where you have to go right down and squat and come back up out of it, It really helped, and now it hardly hurts at all, bless Matthew he was doing it with me! :haha: I did the whole thing in tears mind you, but the GP said exercise will help.

    Gosh it was painful, :cry: but I think after this xmas period Im going to have to join a gym, not to do anything hardcore but I havent done that much since getting my bfp.

    Anyway, on a positive note, its christmas :happydance: me and my fiance have decided to spend it just the two of us this year as its our last christmas as just a couple..I have already started on the buffet food and have polished off a whole box of cocktail sausages, and now I am eating sausage rolls and pizza! :dohh: What are all your christmas plans? What have you got your OH?

    EternalRose xx
  2. hello eternalrose, thanks for the handy yoga hint. have personally never tried yoga.

    Ahh your other half is called Matthew, so is mine! :thumbup:

    Merry christmas to you and a happy new year, me and my husband are just spending it together with just us (and our two moggies of course), not having turkey though as I am not a big fan of roast dinners :shrug: Matt loves them so we may have one between xmas and new year instead. i just can't face one tomorrow, with all the other food we eat over this festive time(!) I find a roast just too much. we are just doing a buffet lunch for us. Dreading how much weight I may put on over this xmas season, after the baby arrives in May I seriously am going to have to work out.

    I got Matthew a few bits and bobs, some wii games, some aftershave, some Lush products (he loves them, I usually do but cannot abide the smell at the mo, its just too strong) and some other things. I even did him a stocking with some silly bits in like socks and chocolates.

    Hope you have a lovely one too, what did you buy your fiance xxx
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    Jul 7, 2009
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    Hey Merry Christmas and glad your back is better!

    I just finished marinating the turkey and I am now going to wash, peel and cut up of the potatoes. Trying to get most of my stuff prepared tonight so DH can put it in the oven tomorrow.

    I bought DH a UFC box set and other bits and bobs.

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