Reflux or milk intolerance feel like no one will help

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Gemskii, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hi all i'm hoping for any advice tips's the story. it's kinda long.

    My baby boy is 4 months old he was breastfed for 2 week's after birth and never seem'd to settle so decided to put him on formula SMA first infant milk he still did not settle after feeding always seem'd to be in pain and would not sleep on his back, after seeking advice from Health visitor she advised comfort milk and told us he had colic because of his screaming fits through out the day we thought that was the answer he then started to projectile vomit and have very loose stool's so i seeked further advise from health visitor who said it sounded like reflux and should talk to the doctor.

    After speaking to the doc my son was put on SMA stay down milk and infant gaviscon i explained about an eczema type rash he had developed all over so they decided to see him and check him over and told me he had a virul THING!!?? anyway the rash calmed down (never disappeared) and the gaviscon didn't help so more phone calls to GP (and starting to feel like an over reacting first time mother) they then prescribe zantac which stopped my son from gagging but did little else he then started to scream when feeding and the vomiting has got worse he's now started to refuse feed's, he's never stopped putting on weight but i think that's becasue he's always over fed which we were told was because when a reflux baby feed's they don't feel the acid burn!!
    I have visited Hospital 3 times this week and each time been told it's reflux and they changed his medication again but the rash (eczema) is now bright red and irritating my son i have to practically force feed him because he screams so much and he's still sick from one feed the next sometimes it's a really watery substance he's now been taken off the gaviscon and he has really loose stools again.

    wow this is really long but i've hit a brick wall with GP's and Hospital and i hate seeing my son in so much pain when feeding surely something is hurting i thought babies loved to be fed?? if anyone can help that would be great i'm starting to think i'm loosing my marbles but i just have a feeling there's more to it like an allergy or something maybe?? x x
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    Hi hun i know how u feel, we have been through all of this with Harrison. I would say just keep going back to the docs. Thats what we have been doing, for some reason they tend to go on guess work with Harrison instead of actually testing him for certain allergys etc!!! So frustrating as they arent the ones having to deal with a very upset Baby!!!!
    Just be persistant hun, hes ur baby and u know when something isnt right xxxxxx
    Sending u and ur lo hugs xxxxx
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    I have just come across your post and wondered how you are now? I'm asking as yours is the only post I can relate to with regards to my Daughter, Martha. Your little boys feeding and symptoms are just the same!

    Martha is exclusively breastfed, she has generally been a fantastic feeder however during her first few months there were a number of times she would refuse to feed, screaming out as if in pain. She's now 16 weeks old and for the last 5 weeks it has been impossible to feed her unless she's asleep.

    She has been a very 'sicky' baby from birth, frequently bringing up milk even 2 hours after feeding. Just like your little boy her vomit is sometimes watery, fresh milk or mostly curdled milk.

    Approximately 7 weeks ago she came out in a rash, firstly on her legs which then spread to other areas of her body. It has just this week disappeared but she didn't seem bothered by it.

    When I try to feed her lately she begins to cry even if I put her into the feeding position and have forced her to feed on ocassions, I hate it! It's the worst thing I could do to her at the moment but if I don't she won't feed. She went 7 hours without feeding one day when I just had to make her feed. I've tried expressed milk in a bottle, she reacts exactly the same way, latching on sometimes, a few sucks then pulling away squirming and crying. I've gone dairy-free for 3 weeks (not sure if this was long enough but the GP advised me to eat dairy again).

    I am at a loss as to what to do, the GP is awful! Not helpful at all. My Daughter is so happy between feedings and when they see her they assume she's fine, despite me telling them I'm making her eat!!!

    I would be so grateful if you could respond and let me know how you are now that your Son is older. I look forward to hearing from you.


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