Robbie bloody Williams


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Aug 31, 2006
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I hate this man so much, i think he is such a big head :gun:

but you know what i hate even more than him?

the fact that his songs grow on me, agghhh!

I never like any of his songs when they first come out, but they soon get in my head and i start humming them. :-=

His new one, Rude Box

I hated it with a passion when i first heard it a couple of weeks ago, thought it was really stupid and he defo cant rap! but guess what, i have spent the whole afternoon humming it ](*,)
He is a twonk :rofl: but like you get a few of his songs in my head :fool:
He played up here just over a week ago, the same time as we happened to be doing our big shop!
The staduim is just across the road from asda.

I needed to use the loo but the queue full of fans was ridiculous!
then we had to wait 40 mins for a taxi!

I like a few of his songs but i dont really like him much.
Im ashamed to say he use to be my pin up when i was younger and i have all his albums :oops:
Everytime I see him on TV in an ad or mentioned etc I remember that HORRID video of him in his tiger pants! That was enough to make me sick :sick:
lol yeah! was that rock DJ?

he thinks he is so good, thats what i hate most about him

Yer :lol:

Rumour was he was off his face if I remember right & to be fair who'd blame him :rofl: Wish I was off my face when I watched it :rofl:

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