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Rude people


Proud Mum of 4
Sep 22, 2006
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GRRRRR just had a patient today who asked if I was on crutches cos i was heavily pg or because i'd had an accident. Explained cos i had spd due to pregnancy. She asked when i was due and then went oh my god your enormous, my daughter has got a month left and she's nowhere near as big as you! Honest to god i nearly battered her with my crutches.
Some ppl just dont know where the line is do they? :roll: Hope it didnt ruin your day hun
I thought afterwards well maybe her daughters one of these ppl who has hardly any bump and wishes they looked pg. I really wish i was one of those ppl who can think of good responses. I was pretty mortified. I'll no doubt get over it. I actually don't think i'm that big compared to last two times and this is the first comment i've had. I used to gel loads when pg with dd and ds
Awww hon, people are saying to me that I'm sprouting out now aswell. I guess we get bigger with each pregnancy! I bet her daughter would love a big bump like yours ((hugs))
God I got that loads last time, and have already been getting it this time too. For some reason people seem to think that its okay to comment on your weight when your pregnant, the same as virtual strangers will pat your stomach which I also hate. Still at least its an obvious bump, so you dont just have people thinking you have a beer belly. This womans daughter prob just looks fat, where as you have baby bump!
i didnt have much of a big bump with Colby but OH's friens misses, she was pregnant aswell and she was huge im not joking and she turned round to me and said your bump is twice the size of mine :o

i didnt bite back as i knew deep down it was jealousy :lol:

some people just like to be cruel and as the saying goes,
what comes around goes around :wink:
be proud of your bumps ladies i knew i was and im still proud of my stretchy marks too :)
I dont think mine is big enough :oops: :cry: wish it was. People keep saying how small it is like I want to hear that,I want a HUMUNGOUS big bump and a HUGE bubba so we will see

I love my bump. I actuallt think its smaller than with other 2babies, I can still fit my size 14 maternity trousers which i'd ougrown b4 although by 6 months was wearing summer dress (thankfully it was like a circus tent!). I haven't had too many comments but thnk the crutches distract people and they're more interestted in what accident i have had, when i explain due to pg thet go oh yeah so you are and sound disappointed theres no gory details :rofl:
thats pathetic i hate people like that if they havent got anything decent to say i think they should shut their mouths dont listen to them hun was it an old patient ????

spunky xxx
patient was in early 50's. I seem to get more sympathy from the old dears as i'm as decrepid (sp) as they are. :rofl:
i thought as much cheecky woman dont let anyone try and put you down hun leave it go in one ear and out of the other dont worry about

spunky xxx
most people are really nice there ae not many nasty ones thankfully.
I add weeks onto my dates :oops: I think I look 9 months overdue :lol:

Ignore that comment hun, people are just not thinking about what they say most of the time :roll: x
Most days don't care but that women really got to me it was the way she said oh my good your huge in such a shocked tone.
well tam and mummyto2plusbump

i want to see som bump pics please oh and you kina :wink:

come on girls
I'll have to get dh to take pic and then figure out how to post it, i'm such a muppett when it comes to technial things :lol:

Dont worry about others hun, as others said her daughter would prob just be jelous its nice to have big bumps :)
I used to have one person comment that I was tiny, then I'd walk into the next office and be told I was huge!! :roll: People just want to comment on your bump - no idea why. :?

I had the worse one though........

I had Charlie by section on the Thursday, home Saturday feeling really proud of myself! For those of you who have had a section, your uturus doesn't contract as quickly as vaginal birth, so you still look incredibly pregnant. On the Monday, I needed to get out (going stir crazy), so we went to Tesco's. I was really proud of the fact the I was walking (5 days after major surgery and 3 months on crutches due to SPD). Anyway, we were at the till when I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned round and it was one of Kayleigh's friends mums (who I vaguely know). She pointed at my tummy and said 'oooo, Id heard! Congratulations!'. So I moved out of the way to show the pram and said - This is Charlie. She didn't even look at the pram, she just shouted at the top of her voice - 'You've had the baby? But you're still enormous!!' :shock: I nearly knocked her out there and then!

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