Rude Stranger!!


Mummy To Maya & Bump
Jan 31, 2008
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Omg totally forgot to tell you ladies this!!

I had to go to the job centre yesterday as they hadn't put my income support through

I was sitting next to 2 black guys & I took Maya out to sit on my lap (and show her off if im honest lol) So they started asking the usual questions like how old is she

Then one turns round & says 'she's got alot of dark hair, is she full white?'

So I tell him she is

Then he says 'are you sure about that? Do you know for sure who her dad is? I mean she looks mixed race to me? You sure you weren't playing around behind her dads back?'

I was mortified. Everyone was looking at us! I thought that was so rude to say. I didn't mind him saying Maya looked mixed race I just didn't appreciate being asked if I knew who the dad was by a complete stranger
omg thats terrible the cheeky ba***rd who does he think he is, even if you was playing around which u wernt what right does he have to say that about u GRRR some people!!

That is quite shocking.
I would have kicked him!! :grr:
Im such a idiot sometimes. I just sat there getting redder & redder & still being dead polite!!
Wierd thing is Maya is as white as bloody snow

Honestly she has my skin tone, really pale

Bloody freak
i would have shouted my head off at that ******* and told him to get stuffed, pah some men and women are just assholes and shouldnt be given a blind bit of notice.
Cheeky bar steward!!!!!!!

How dare he!!!!!!

Little Maya is as white as snow. And is soo cute.

V x x
What a nutcase! I like to think I would have shouted at him if I had been in your situation but I prob would have been the same as you... Bloody moron
Oh god, I think I would have just laughed at him. What an ass.
OMG! That was really rude! :growlmad: What an asshole - actually he's not an asshole - he's the whole ass!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you hun. :hugs: What balls on some people!!
omg i cant get over that!!
i would of told him to mind is bloody own!! cheek of some people ey!!
Sound like he said that to get a reaction and make him self look 'Big' made him self look like a twat more like!

How rude can you get.,
What a complete Nobjockey :gun: How bloody rude

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