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Saddam's been hung


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Dec 21, 2006
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So what are your thoughts on this?

I am against the death penalty most of the time. After all, how many miscarriages of justice have we seen? And who are we to say that person deserves to die. Is it really and eye for an eye, or does it make us as bad as them?

But, there are occassions when I feel it can be justified. And this is one of them. He was an evil man, and his legacy will go on for years. I personally think he deserved to hang for his crimes.

And they will shortly be releasing footage of it to prove he is dead! :shock:
I think the same thing should happen to paedo's, rapists and murderers.

Sadam was an evil man and deserved to die.

Sorry it's my opinion :oops:
i dont think he should have been hung. i think life in an empy sell is more sutible. if i got life in prison ild rather die. its an easy way out.
I agree with all the comments above - Like Dionne I think a life in an empty cell rotting away would have been appropriate too but it costs money to keep him somewhere!
yeah but prison in this country is no punishment-you get tv, games consoles the lot. Look at the amount of tax payers money that is being wasted on that knob Ian Huntley :twisted:

Sorry, just an emotive topic gets me going :rofl:
i voted yes and i know you may think im sick but wished they showed him dying from that rope they only showed the rope going round his neck!

i think they should bring more of it back to be honest ok i know some people are convicted when they were innocent but pedophiles should have their dicks cut off and hopefully bleed to death

sorry but its just how i feel towards the subject :twisted:
thats my attitude towards peados,women should have their tits stapled to a bench in a shed and set it on fire leaving a arusty knife on the side and the sam should go to blokes with their dicks.
I think Saddam definitely deserved to die. Whether the legal process was flawed or not, the guy was guilty of dreadful crimes against his own people. He's disgusting.

It's very bizarre that he'd already been convicted of murder before he came to power, can't imagine that in a democracy. Imagine if cheesy Tony was a convicted murderer! :shock:

I wonder what will happen about the other crimes they intended to try him for. :? There was obviously more than just him involved but you wonder how crucial his evidence would have been in convicting everyone else involved.

He was obviously a religious bloke, although he definitely twisted his religion to suit his own purposes. I hope that his god sends him to hell for eternity for what he's done.
Where's Osama these days? not seen him on here in a while :rofl:
hes down a dark hole i think, bought time that ******* was bombed out too sorry im off again :twisted:
He def deserved to die, although im not sure hanging was the best way, its all over with too quick, needs something more torturing i reckon! :twisted: :twisted:

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