Grace is teething and often gets whingy. She woke after her nap before and was screaming and didn't stop screaming for half an hour. Now I have heard her scream many times but this was like she was possessed and she was clearly in a lot of pain. I gave her something to chew on but she didn't want it and I put a bit of bonjela on her gums but she was still screaming so much to the point where I started to cry, I felt so bad knowing she was in pain and there was nothing I could do. I'm going to buy some teething crystals when I get chance but is there anything else I can do in the meantime? I know I shouldn't but I feel like a terrible mum :(
Fairly new to this whole 'mum' thing myself. But I have been around a couple of other peoples babies. One of my cousins was going through something quiet similar when she was a baby. Screaming so much her poor Mum felt helpless. Turned out she was going through a little growth spurt unbeknowns to her mum and just needed a little more food than usual. So the doc told her mum to prepare maybe an extra bottle and that should do the trick. He was right! :D

Hope this might help hun.
I got this with max last night hun , he was screaming so loud and i was crying too till hubby walked in on both of us balling out eyes out and went " oh crap you too " lol we sat on the couch and made max chew my finger I know it sounds dumb but I dipped it in ice and he chewed on it for 5 min then was happy and content !
we have a teether we keep in the fridge and he loves that xx
I tried clairebare but max hates the fact that its cold on his hands lol
ah try holding it in his mouth we have one that has keys on and the plastic doesnt get to cold just the jelly bits x
Someone once gave kieran a piece of cold carrot to chew on, did the trick, also the crystals are meant to be really good alot of people i know use them. x
I recommend putting something cold for her her to chew on,it will numb the gums.Thats the only thing that pops into my mind...
Hope she feels better,the poor thing! :hugs:
charlies been the same today hes cryed all day his teeth are really playing him up he was even trying to bite my face when i picked him up, ive tryed bonjella, a wet flannel, teething rings and letting him bite my finger nothing worked , i did have some ashton and parsons teething powder but ran out and cant find it in any shops now :hissy: that was good if you can get any xxx

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