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Should we do a 2nd SA before FS appointment!


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Jul 1, 2008
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So sorry to post another question on my FS appointment, i just don't want to miss anything out. So i was wondering we have had one SA done which didn't come back good but not to horrendous i have heard that 1 SA isn't conclusive, should i push for another one to be done before we see the FS, i don't want to get there and him want to re test before we do anything else? XXX
It certainly can't hurt. We had 2 SAs done through the GP before we saw the FS. Despite which he ordered his own which DH had to go into the ACU to do. He said they were more accurate than the ones you dash halfway accross town with.
Hey hun

When DH did his first SA the count was 1.5 million. GP said normally with lower counts he would do a second SA straight away but due to the fact DH had been on meds he said to go back after a month of no alcohol/lose boxers/vitamins etc. Then the second one was the same so the GP said referral to IVF. I guess the proof will be at his next SA to see if it's working! xx
Yeah his gp is rubbish, so as they were below the guidlines i don't understand why he didn't just re test. I have an emailed typed out i want him to send to his gp asking for a 2nd test, then we will pay private to make sure the results are back in time. I just don't want to waste this appointment in anyway, it kinda feel like seeing God. This is ther person who can give u a baby :dance:
what was his results? that might be why they didn't do a re-test if he was okay?x
So understand what u mean about the God like thing! It's like the FS is a superior being lol They have the drugs that will help us make the babies!!

If possible I would get a second S.A done before going to ur apointment. As you say, the first is sometimes inconclusive and asking you to do another is one way they could fob you off til ur next appointment in another few months. Make sure all your bases are covered.

Hope you don't mind me asking, but how did u get ur appointment through so fast?? I thought u had only been referred (sorry if Im wrong - im just being nosey coz Im waiting on my first appointment too) xx
I would definitley get another one done if your GP will do it for you - we had the first one done through the GP - who said it was all ok - ad then when we got to the fertility appt which we had waited three months for the specialist told us the morphology was low and sent DH for another one - and would do nothing else till it came back - so we had to wait another 6 motnhs for an appt to get the results and move forward.
I felt like it wasted so much time.

he is now having his third one tomorrow!!!

Hope it all goes well at your appt honey - I know what you mean about meeting god!!

Bx x :hugs::hugs:
It's just a standard FS appointment, i have no idea how come i got one so fast, i guess it jusy been the area i live in. Everyone else must be all good on the reproductive front round here.

SA reults
Count was 50 million
Morphology 80% bad 20% good
Motility 36%

Also on the referal thing, there is a new system in Dorset. So you don't wait for them to contact you with your appointment, you call up to make it. So my G.P printed of a form with a reference number and a password with 4 posible hospitals i could go to. I then had to ring the number give my ref and password and ask which hospital had the nearest vacancy. Ask away if there is anything else you want to know, i know how much a help being well informed is. XXX
Hey Daisy - the count is good hun. We were told 50 million is actually the average amount and they say 20-99 is good, lower or higher can cause problems.

Good luck chick i'm sure you will be A OK - and i look forward to hearing all about it so that i'm armed after my GP appt Thursday!! xx
Yeah the count is good, but apparently the motility and morphology aren't. XXX
Is he taking any multi vits or anything? they do say selenium/zince/vit c is all good which you can get in wellman - and i have also been told to use Macca as that can really improve things tremendously - Aflight84 is the one who told me to go go go on that front as it had dramatic improvements for her!! xx
He was on wellman for about a month or so but he said it made his skin bad. So now he is on maca, vit c, zinc and folic acid. XXX
I hope I am wrong, but you may find that budget is another factor in your DHs GP not requesting another SA. I only say this as I requested my GP do blood tests for HIV, Hep B & Hep C, but they wouldn't as they were expensive and if another board or department could pay then they would let them...

Disgraceful I know as ultimately we've paid our national insurance but there you go - good old NHS.
No that's fine to say that hun. However we will be paying private for the test, cos otherwise it will take a month to get the results back (really bad round here) so we would need to make sure there in before the appointment.

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