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May 14, 2008
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Hi, my name is Terah and I'm 17 years old. Please do not judge me right away. I am a wonderful mother and I love my son more than anything. He's almost 6 months old now and is the most adorable baby ever. Anyways my boyfriend and I have been talking about expanding our family. I always wanted a big family and I want my children close in age, like my brother and I were. We plan on getting married sometime in the next two years and we already live together. I'm finishing up high school this year and will be graduating in May. My boyfriend and I are supposed to start trying for another baby next summer, but I'm ready to get pregnant now. I think it would be a better idea for me to get pregnant now since I will be graduated from high school when the baby would be born. Then the baby would also be born before I start college and be at least a month old before classes start. The college classes I'm going to be taking are online, so I will be able to stay home with my child(ren). What I'm wondering is if anyone else thinks it would be okay for us to try again and if I have a valid argument. Any responses would be really nice, just please don't be mean. I know I'm young, but I also know what I'm doing. Sorry for making this so long.
Hey hun, I'm also 17. Don't have any babies myself but yeah. It's entirely up to you if you start trying or not. But bear in mind, you may not fall pregnant straight away, and end up being due when you graduate and not have long until you go to college. That's the only thing I can think of why not to start ttc. Apart from the fact that you may want to enjoy your son a bit more aswell. And two under the age of two is a big challenge and you may find it very tiring balancing college and two babies.
only u know if ur ready hun personally gosh i dont think i can manage another pregnancy whilst having a little baby to look after as they wil demand alot of time and effort and if my next pregnancy is anything like this 1 to go by then it wil be hell lol and i dont think i cud be sick all day knowing ive got a littlin i think id wait a little while but its your choice good luck xx
Thank you for replying. I know it will be hard but it will be no where near as difficult as this year has been. I'm really hoping that I would get pregnant right away, seeing as how it only took me and my boyfriend two weeks to get pregnant with our son.
I'd personally wait. I'm 23, and I have a 10 month old son who was an angel until about 8-9 months, then completely changed. He requires 100x more attention now, then he ever has (and I totally thought the middle of the night feedings were goind to be the hardest part). By the time my hubby gets home, I literally drop him in his arms, and try to clear my head. Also keep in mind that teething is coming up quite quickly, and only gets you really want to deal with a screaming toddler and be 3-4 months along? You're very young, you have tons of time to have kids, but I totally understand about you wanting them close in age. It'll be very hard though, with your schooling and all as well.
I just read your thread and the advice that everyone gave. I just wanted to let you know that i am 21 have been married for three years and i have two young ones. We had our first at the age of 18 and then another two years later. OUr first baby wasnt quite planned and we did plan our second. Let me tell you that it is tough to have two little ones, go to school and work. My days fly by so much and i sometimes i wish i wouldnt have went to school while i had my kids. I just graduated nursing which is awesome, but i have to admit i missed alot of my childrens lives. I mean of course i was there everday and took care of them, but some nights i didnt get home untill they were in bed , and that was really hard. I say if you want more and feel that you are ready to have two little ones than go for it. but , also what about marraige? are you two talking or thinking about it? im not saying its bad to get pregnant without being married by no means, just what you to know that you guys are both young and still in high school and who knows which way you may go. Everyone said that to us to..and i have to say we have proved everyone wrong, ;) just like to put that in the back of your mind. IF children is what you want and close together than go for it hun and just be sure that this is what you BOTH want! I wish you the best of luck sweeite and everything will work out no matter what! Things happen for a reason, and if your meant to be pregnant again than it will happen and if not than enjoy your time you have with your little one, as the time goes by sooooo fast!!!!! Lots of hugs! and i'll be thinking about you
sorry i missed the part about getting married in your thread! thats a really good thing!! :)
if you think you can cope then go for it, u know how much energy a babe will take as u have had one already and as long as u got support from ppl around you xxx

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