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Aug 31, 2006
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Im still getting sickness still :(

It went for about 2 weeks or so but now is coming back, luckly its not constant like before, and its not strong enough to take the vit b6.

If i dont eat anything for more than 3 or 4 hours then i will feel really sick, its strange, once i eat something, it goes away.

Anyone else got this?

U poor thng. I didnt have sickness to the extent that I was puking all day every day, because I have a HUGE fear of vomit so I tried my hardest not to throw up whenever I felt the urge, however, I still get the feeling to be sick even now...
And yes, Im exactly the same when it comes to not eating for a few hours- but it comes on suddenly for me. I will feel sudden hunger, ignore it for half hour whilst I have a bath, and then feel violently sick whilst in the tub. Not good.
hope u feel better soon. x
Hi layla, i know im not in the 2nd tri but i feel exactly the same !
If i dont eat for a few hours i start to feel really sick. The mornings are the worst as i feel sooo nauseus but dont feel like eating at all. However i know if i do eat ill feel much better so i try my hardest to get a piece of toast down me!

I hate feeling sick, id rather just be sick !
thid baby has to be a girl, today is the second morning( not in a row) i have got up and had to run to the bathroom to be sick, normaly i only feel sick.
It seems to be getting worse.
On charlie i was sick untill 16 weeks, so it looks like im heading that way again, only girls could be this much trouble!

sorry you're still suffering Layla, I have the odd nauseaous moment but mine stopped at 11 wks. now I seem to have it in reverse and often feel a little queasy after eating... weird
I feel off when I need something to eat too bar that I'm ok. I don't feel like being sick just feel that icky feeling. Horrid but doesn't last long. :D
Hey layla, not to rub it in or anythin, but my mate was sick for 8 months.....
eeeew! Not good. Tho im sure yours wont last much longer x
layla hun i was the same this time around to but mine stopped when i was about 16 weeks. just eat lil and often and carry some snacks with you if u are out x
Hope it eases off soon Layla. I gag still when brushing my teeth or if I feel congested. Are you finding it easier to swallow your vitamins now or have you stopped taking them?
I was sick with Seren till I was 25 weeks pregnant. Hated it :(

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