silver cross 3D & ventura carseat


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May 28, 2008
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meant to be getting these tomorrow - anyone have/had them?
i have them i am currently trying to sell mine as they are a nightmare
I was unsure between a Pliko pramette , And a 3D with venture .
The women in the shop Told me very honestly that the Silvercross 3D has very bad reviews lots been returned as braking when trying to fold down , And many complaints of babies growing out of the forward facing caccoon Bit thingy very very quickly .
Hope u get along with it hun . xxxx .
yes by around 2 months they have outgrown it and obviously at that age you want them to be still in the pram section of the pushchair also the car seat is very very heavy and very big hard to fit and when its attatched to the pushchair you cant even see where your going the handles on the pushchair feel they are going to snap and when your child gets heavy it is rather hard to turn but i have found this with eveyr pushchair good luck with yours some love it some dont
Hello, i have the pram and my LO is just about growing out of the pram bit and she is 4 months today.

I love it personally. Compact, easy to use, easy to get in and out of car. Only slight annoyance is having to remove the hood all the time but otherwise it's fab. Oh and the raincover is flawed, once it is on, it is on. There is no zip to take your LO out or even to stick your hand in to replace the dummy!

how come you have to remove the hood? the only time ive had to remove the hood is when changing it from pram to pushchair? or do you mean the car seat? on the car seat when putting it in the car you have to remove the apron and hood which is an extra thing to carry if your using it with the pushchair
As someone who has no clue about what pram/travel system to get, these reviews from you guys on the site are really useful as I was leaning towards the 3D!

oh no!!! i was wanting this after seeing it in mothercare and loving the make!!! i have just read reviews on :S bugger!!! lol xx
I spent ages looking and researching into prams. I read lots of online reviews too.

For me it was between the Silver Cross 3D and the Freeway. I chose the Freeway for the following reasons:

* Both Silver Crosses have large baskets underneath and are easy to fold down and put up.

* The Freeway is easier to control as it has a straight handle whereas the 3D has two handles.

* The 3D has had a lot of bad reviews for babies growing out of them very quickly. Depends on if you're having more than one pram/stroller but I wanted one that was going to last awhile.

* The Freeway is rear facing (towards you) in both lie flat and stroller modes.

* The Freeway has won a lot of awards from parenting groups and magazines.

reviews are here: Sites-_-CPC-_-Froogle
I have ended up buying a mama's & papa's pram & carseat because Silver Cross was a nightmare!! I had a smallish car and it didn't fit the car so we bought a new one, 5 door family car....still didn't fit! Pram fit in the boot fine but the carseat was a nightmare....just didn't fit!
i think the silver cross ventura is alot bulkier than most other car seats

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