Slow screening: to nag or not?

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    ETA: just kidding they called today.

    My son is 16 months, and I brought up to his pediatrician (pedi) that I have some concerns. She had me fill out a screener to send to the local specialist. I have Kaiser.

    Concerning behaviors:
    - Does not say a single word. He babbles but nothing close to a word and a lot of the same old syllables.
    - Does not interact with children at daycare. He does not engage with them, babble or smile at them, and most times I pick him up he is alone in a completely different space than his peers. The one time I came and he was near a peer, itaas like she totally did not exist.
    - He has been very routine from birth. But now when you break routine, he throws a huge tantrum. Like if you put a jacket on but don’t go outside right away or if I am late picking him up from daycare, he will bang his head or objects and just lose his s* all day.
    - He only likes to listen to the same three songs or read the same book or watch the same movie or play with the same toy.
    - He makes eye contact but not often.
    - He seems to be in his own world/possibly selectively ignores his name of requests or conversation.

    - He fails the communication and personal-social categories of the ASQ-3.
    - He scores moderate risk on the MCHAT.
    At his 15 month check, I sent the screeners to the local Kaiser specialist.
    - He did see an OT and PT before and graduated out of PT and was determined not to need OT (13m)

    Response Time:
    - After two weeks from mailing/appt, I hear nothing. Email pedi who says they can take up to four weeks.
    - After four weeks, email her again and Pedi confirmed they received the screener on 11/1 and that I should hear soon.

    I know with the holiday, I can expect there to be a delay. But in my head it takes less than 5 minutes to score these screeners. And given that they had them 15 business days (3 business weeks and that is accounting for Thanksgiving off for two days), I feel like they are dropping the ball. They moved so slowly with his helmet that I knew from 2 months he needed it, got the official recommendation at 6 months, and then he wasn’t in one until almost 10! So his head is still a bit flat. And with early intervention being so crucial and my wanting to know so I can educate myself, like get on it.

    My parents think I need to chill the eff out and just wait.

    Should I just chill out or should I continue to be that parent up in people’s faces every week? I work as an elementary teacher and I know our team has 60 days from written request to test a child, but I don’t know the rules with toddlers and private healthcare.
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