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Smoker Or Nonsmoker


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Aug 31, 2006
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Just wondered how many smokers, nonsmokers & ex-smokers we have!

I call myself a nonsmoker. I did used to smoke socially (when drinking) but never enough to call myself a smoker IYSWIM?
i used to smoke, i quit when i got pregnant with Coby, have to admit id love to start up again, if we had the money i probably would, i miss it

Cool - 3 that quit

Well done :D

Layla why oh why :shock: THe money you have probably saved. I posted a quitkeeper thing in the healthy ways bit! Its well smart - One girl I seen saved over £1600 in 5 months! :shock:

Mine at the moment is:

I have been quit for 8 hours, 9 minutes and 36 seconds (0 days). I have saved £2.91 by not smoking 13 cigarettes. I have saved 1 hour and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 04/02/2007 08:00

Its a bit strange because I'd of had more that 13 by now but I think it splits the fags you smoke into the hours per day so this should be 40 fags £8.60 by tomorrow! :D
So for anyone whos quit ...

How did you do it?
How many times did you try to quit?
How long before that craving left? (the desperate one)
I smoked up to 40 a day, them moved onto rollies cause it was costing me too much!
I smoked my last fag on Bonfire night 2 years ago, When OH said to me at the end of the fireworks display that we could try for a baby. And bought me a soft toy, which I still have.

Im very sad, but it was a memorable evening :)
i havent put ive quite as its only been 2 whole weeks so keeping my fingers crossed but so far so good :)

wobbles did you see that link to that tape?
lol wobbles, i think its coz that was the only thing i did for myself, going out the back for a ciggy was me time and a time to think in peace.

it was my one pleasure so to speak

I used to smoke, although was never heavily addicted and mainly smoked when i went out. The day i found out i was pregnant i stopped straight away and havent looked back since! :D
Wobbles said:
So for anyone whos quit ...

How did you do it?
How many times did you try to quit?
How long before that craving left? (the desperate one)

Please don't think I am being a big head coz I aint, I just believe I was well and truely ready to give up.......

I gave up after a night in the city, when I couldn't be bothered to do anything the next day, then I saw someone spark up in Corrie and realised "oh I aint had a ciggy all day, not even thought about it.....right, if I can do it for one day, I can do it for the rest of my life". I have never touched a cigarette again since 21/09/05

To give up with my heart in it............ just that once.

I have never had a craving for a cigarette since I decided to give up, I just never fancied one ever again!

I know a lot of people struggle, but I never believed I was addicted, and when I was ready, I could give up with a click of the fingers..........the reason I smoked was coz I enjoyed it, and out of boredom! I always said when I was ready to give up I would give up no problem, and I did!
Wobbles said:
So for anyone whos quit ...

How did you do it?
How many times did you try to quit?
How long before that craving left? (the desperate one)

I quit using the Gum, it was my first attempt at quitting, the cravings weren't much of a problem as i used the gum to deal with it, i found the hard part was keeping your hands busy, so you don't miss the hand to mouth action to much, and help this i did alot of finger knitting and playing computer games :D
non smoker, never tried it and I never will. Prefer the booze :lol:
i h8 2 b a pain...

but i ocassionally smoke wen im drinkin(maybe a couple of drags out a fag)
so i dunno whether 2 put smoker or quit??
i dont smoke i really really hate it.

the smell is vile nothing worse then getting on a bus when its been raining outside and some one who has just been smoking gets on :sick:

i wouldnt go with a man if he smoked.

im lucky because Kris is the same as me
6 that quit - Gosh thats really good.

Nobody admits to smoking yet though :lol:
what made my mum give up was every day she put the money into a jar that her and my dad would have spent on fags. by the end of the week she had saved loads it gave her loads of encouragment.

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