So far our adoption journey.......

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by scrapy, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Sep 19, 2006
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    Hello, so this is what we are up too. My dh and I are waiting for that special birthmom to chose us. It has been so much more difficult that I ever imagined. I thought nothing could be as hard as 4 cycles of In-Vitro Fertilization w/ICSI, but man was I wrong. We have already had 4 potential birthmothers change their minds. Which I know they have every right too.
    We have completed our home study and are with a local agency, who said it will be about 12-18 months (from April 06). So we are praying that by Spring 2007 we will have a new bundle of joy to bring home. Our son is so excited to be a big brother. He says he's gonna share his tractors! :D
    Well, just thought i'd leave some more info about us.
  2. Tam

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    :( I missed this post.........

    Oh wow....what a journey!!

    I really hope it goes well and I have everything crossed for you......have you made any progress yet hun?
  3. ablaze

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    Aug 31, 2006
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    all the best for you all!!! i hope youve had some progress since u last posted xx

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