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Some people just make me SOOOOOOOO mad


Mum of 2
Sep 14, 2006
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A bloke my dp works with knows our story of losing our dd Ellie. Hes girlfriend fell pg a few months after we lost her. At first this bloke just didnt want to know and said it would just disrupt his life! As her pg progressed you would think that he was the only bloke in the world that was gonna have a baby. He wouldnt stop talking about it and how hes baby was gonna be the best baby in the world blah blah blah. Well she finally gave birth to a daughter on Tuesday and this bloke came straight into work afterwards. The girlfriend had to stay in hospital and he was complaining yesterday in work that he was so tired cos he didnt go to bed til late and he was tired! So what the bloody hell will he be like when she brings the baby home! When everyone in work was asking how the baby was etc, he turned round and you wouldnt believe what he said. I DONT KNOW WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT, ITS ONLY A BABY!!!!!!

Crikey not too excited then & too think how many people would kill to be in his shoes! :(
Sounds like a right Knob to me!!!!
oh hun, this must be difficult for you. Some people really don`t deserve it to be parents! :hugs:
:shock: :shock: :shock:

some people just dont deserve it do they?? big hugs to you huni :hugs:

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