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Sep 5, 2006
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we have charlie ( 8 ) and ethan(almost7) and they are only interested in the tv. We took them to karate lessons tonight after they had a trial lesson at school and showed an interest, charlie is a natural according to the people who run it and she enjoyed it but when asked if she wanted to do it every week she said no, we asked why and she said "dunno" :roll: Ethan gave up half way though saying it was complicanted and he didn't understand, this is fair enough but he never does anything long enough to learn how to do it. she does after school dance and choir but he does nothing, he just wants to watch tv, turn into a zombie and only gets up for food! its not just a phase or there age its becoming worrying we can't find any activivity for him.

any ideas?! please :dohh:

this was a serious post bought to you by the letters O M and G and the number 347
Ohhh we have the same thing with Jade......she really wants to do karate and join the army cadets, well the latter she is too young for and the karate, we are sorting out........ She is so imaginative that TV is not a big part of her life at all, she is always playing something...which is great.

What about the leisure centre?

Trampolining, swimming, archery, badmington........ours does loads of things, including a judo class that you only pay for if they attend :D

Brownies, Scouts?!

Jade is shy, that is our only problem, but if your little' uns are not shy maybe make them go for a few more weeks and see how they get on, that is what we are going to do with Jade, as we know she will enjoy it after a while, and we will stay and watch her to give her a bit of confidence!

Do you not have an indoors kiddies play area, atleast they would get exercise and get out form infront of the TV and they can do it together?
Jade has started doing swimming at school, but she is not happy that she is not being taught as such.......they play games and do other things but are not being taught seriously so, she has asked to do swimming lessons, YAY!!!! So we are going to be booking her up for a 12 week course. She also wants to do trampolining and go to karate.

She has also opted to go to the Inset sports day, rather than having a day off she will be playing football, basketball, netball and rugby for the day, she is really looking forward to it!

She came to this all on her own, so we are sure she wants to go ahead, well we will be booking it before she can change her mind :lol:

So all looking good!!
they are doing karate after school once a week now YAY!!!!!
Ohhhhhhh Brilliant!!! How they getting on?
How about restricting to only 2 hours a day or something, and if ness hiding the remote so they have no choice.

I think a lot if its trial and error, Iknow Iwanted to try everything as a kid and most things I lost interest in very quickly cause it wasnt as I thought or I wasnt very good at it etc.

Or it maybe that they are not into sport, so try drama, or music or art or something instead.

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