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Sorry just need to swear and kill someone


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Nov 8, 2006
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Argh, f***'ing c***'s If***ing hope they f*** off and die horribly. B******s. Theving, c***s. Tey dont give a s*** about anone else. Ihope they fall under a bus!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Sorry, feel a bit better for that. Right well were not moving house this friday now. If I can get things sorted it now going to be the 1st of December. Which leaves us an impossibbly small amount of time to get decorated and sorted in time for Xmas, so we prob wont have a tree or decorations up this year, as place will be a bomb site. And will not be able to have all family round as planned.

I hate people some times! How f***ing inconsiderate.
Sorry your goin through this, we had a nightmare when buyin our house with one thing an another. hope u get it sorted soon
awwww sorry babe.

i moved house 10th dec last year. it was soooo stressfull all i wanted was nice decs up seems it was Diors first christmas
Oh no :hugs: Hope things turn right in the end.
:hugs: sorry hon, some people don't understand urgency!! Hope that is your final moving date and you can get all sorted for Xmas :)
Well afterall that, we still havent exchanged today as our buyers have not been contactable all day so we have not been able to confirm with them that they are okay with the new date!

Why is everyone such a pain in the arse!!!
aww hun I moved on the 12th dec last year and just to let u know everything went ok and we got decs up in time for xmas, hope everything turns out ok, Im sure it will for you hun xx
Ijust dont know what to do anymore I just want to sit and cry!

Our purchasers have agreed to the moving date of the 1st Dec. But now once again the vendors of the property we are purchasing are saying now that we cant move our cars over there this Thursday as planned, cause they have stuff they need to get out of the garage.

For fuck sake, we agreed this with them ages ago. We cant move the cars on moving day as it will be impossible to get the car transporter and removal van in our road at the same time. Also we have already hired the transporter for thurs, so we will lose our money. And the only physical help we have to move the cars is OHs dad and he goes offshore for a month next wed, so OH will have the impossible job of moving the cars by himself. And aso I will have to do the move by myself because he will be busy with the cars!

Words cannot discribe how anry Iam at these people, they have done nothing but be selfish and change their minds throughout the whole thing, and dont seem to be prepared to do anything to help anyone else. I wish we could just pull out of the whole sale and tell them to f*** off and burn their bloody ouse down.
People like that dont deserve to be alive.

Ireally hate having to be the one to deal with the whole move and all the arrangments too. Cause every time thins go wrong, as if Imnot upset and pissed off enough, Ihave to break the bad news to OH (havent dared to tell him whats happening yet) and then Ihave to listen to him moaning and having a go when its not my fault and I cant do anything about it!

:( :( :(
I'm sorry hon :( Are there any friends that you could call upon for a favour to help with the cars?
Kina said:
I'm sorry hon :( Are there any friends that you could call upon for a favour to help with the cars?

No we dont know anyone. Oh dad will be away after this week till Xmas, so all we can hope is that my rother might be off work that day.

The whole day has passed and we still havent heard back about what they are going to do, so we still havent exchanged. I dont see how we will be able to move the cars on moving day, cause its an all day job to get them all over, and we wont be able to get the trailer and the romoval van in our road. And once we show up at the house, with cars we wont be able to get them on the property as they will have their removal van there, and in the afternoon here once we have sold, the woman will be trying to get in our house with her stuff!?!

I dont know what we can do. We cant even get them out of the way by parking them in the road somewhere cause they are not taxed. :(
:hugs: i know what youre going through

](*,) <------ this helps
Thats it Ilost my marbles last night! Oh came home, we tried to eat dinner and Noah kept screaming at me for more food, so I screamed at him back, I snapped at OH, we ate in silence. As soon as I had finished I went up to bed and cried! Returned downstairs an hour later, and OH and I hardly said a word to each other all night.

This whole thing is doing my head in, its making me stressed and depressed. Im getting really wound up easily and Im taking it out on everyone else. Im the one with the sole responsibility of organsing the whole thing and Im just stuck waiting around at the mercy of these twats. I just want to phone them up and swear uncontrolaly at themIfeel really isolated dealing with everything myself and having no one to talk to. Everything just seems to be going wrong. :(
Aww Cat :hugs:

Tell OH you need his help your stressed & getting down about the whole thing & although you know its not his fault & he maybe can't do much but the support is important & to know if he can help he will! :hugs:
Yeah I emailed him at work today, and he sent a lovely email back telling me not to worry and stuff he wrote ;
'Please don't loose all hope, try to stay positive and upbeat, we will get there one way or another. Feel free to ramble and vent at me i'm here for you.

Please try to :o)

Love you lots'

Bless him. I have been tot he shop and bought a big bag of sensations crisps and cadbury fingers and juice so we can snuggle up tonight once noah is in bed and have a cuddle and a naughty feast!

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