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Aug 31, 2006
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Im so excited!

I brought a stick insect kit in pets at home a while ago, i orderd the eggs online and they came about 2 weeks ago now, they said they would hatch anytime from July to Sep.

2 have just hatched! :happydance:

Ha Ha i know this is complete spam and of no interest to anyone but im over the moon, i never thought they would really work (only cost £9.99 for the kit and 11 eggs) on the look out now to see if the rest hatch.


awww thats great!!

Kids will love them, nice they hatched

I'm sure my little cousins did this and ended up with LOADS of em lol!!
i dont mind that, if all 11 hatch then there is a good chance they will breed and make more, i can just sell them to the local pet shop if i get over run with them, got to look out for a tank to keep them in now tho.

I can never eat green beans cause it reminds me of them.:rofl:

cute for the kids but im scared of them!:blush:

Eww insects! I would be scarde of the kids letting them out round the house.

I always get scared of what Noahs getting up to in the garden since you posted about Coby eating a snail, and sure enough last weekend he was playing with worms in the garden and at one point it went from three on a paving slab to two and Noah was chewing :sick:

I wonder if coby will start in some crunchy stick insects!!!!
:happydance: Way to go Layla.....

Give us a Picture!

Ps...I dont think this was a spam post at all ;)
yuk stick insect.Sorry just the thought of looking at them makes me shiver. LOL. But im so glad for you, hope youhave fun with them. Maybe you can teach them some tricks.LOL
Urgh! My brother kept stick insects, they stink!

Plus it was a real hassle going and pinching privet hedging for them to eat (I dunno, is that all they eat or ha their diet moved on since the 80s?)
My year 5 teacher kept some in the classroom. We would go out everyweek and get brambles from them to eat.
there is a massive privet hedge a few doors down so i dont have to go far to get it.

Still only two so far, the kids were excited when they came home and saw them :)

They are kept in the cage that came in teh kit, its like a zip up mesh box so they cant escape and its kept up high so the kids cant get to them, once i get a tank it will be one with a big heavy hood so no danger of Coby crunching, he prob wouldnt be able to tell when one was on show anyway coz they look like twigs.

I love weird pets, really pleased i brought them now

here is what they are kept in now

and here is one of the babys, still so tiny at the mo

they make me shiver theyre so skinny and creepy and tickly lol, I think they are ace to look at but I couldnt hold one, I remember a lad at school who always used to have them!

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