spotting around ov? and a question about opks x

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by happygal, Jan 27, 2011.

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    hi :flower:
    i was due to ov yesterday and at around tea time i had some light bright red spotting along with ewcm(that was streaked with blood) could that be a good sign that i did ov??

    my main reason for asking is that this is my first month of using opks, i started on cd12 and up until cd 15 i was getting super faint lines. on cd 16 i got a line that was almost as dark as the control line but not quite, and my test yesterday was the same,almost as dark but not quite.

    im going to test again today and if the line has gone back to being super light,could it be that the tests are just a bit cheap and rubbish and that the darker lines could of been my positives?

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    Hi chick,

    Yes it could be the case that you ovulated and they just didn't pick up the full surge. Or you're surge has a lower concentrate of LH than the test considers a positive.

    I don't know which cheapies you use but my cheapies from ebay actually say "if the test line is almost as dark or darker than the control line it is a positive"

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