Starting egg sharing icsi journey!

Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by navywag, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Hi ladies
    I'm 26, dh 28, we hav been ttc for 4 years now with not even a sniff of a bfp.
    We picked gcrm in Glasgow as our clinic and had our fertility assessments last week.
    Turns out that dh has only 19% motility and a significant presence of squamous cells.
    My fertily assessment was good, AMH is 53.9 , that with a good ovarian follicle profile shows that I should have a high response to the fertility drugs.
    Due to dh low motility the clinic ha told us that the only option we have is ICSI, which we were not expecting or prepared for!

    We have also decided to egg share, going through all this made me realise that if I can help just 1 woman achieve her dream of becoming a mother then it's the best thing I will ever do! , at our clinic we also get a highly reduced cost ourselves but we just see that as a bonus, as if this cycle fails we will be able to afford another go!

    Sorry if I went on a bit! Lol
    Is there anyone else going through this?
    Anyone got any thought about transferring 1 or 2 embies?
    Would be great to have someone to talk to about everything!

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    I'm quite similar to you :)

    I'm currently in the middle of down-regging, ready to start stimming in (hopefully!) about two weeks' time. We have been told that we will probably need to go through ICSI, but they won't make the decision until they have OH's sample, because we are completely borderline.

    I am also doing the egg-sharing programme. I'm absolutely over the moon that we made this decision. When the clinic told me that I had a match, and that the other woman was over the moon, I cried with happiness! It was just the best feeling in the world. We also get a reduced rate, and the only cost I have is the HFEA fee and the ICSI cost, which is about £1000. And the cost of freezing additional embies, if we need to.

    I'm with the lister clinic in London, and that's about 1 1/2 hours away from me. Impressed that you're going to a clinic so far from you! At lister, they will only transfer one embryo, because I am under 35. Their success rates are high, so they don't want to risk multiples.

    How far through your cycle are you? Have you started any medication yet? Or are you just waiting for a match?

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