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Sep 1, 2006
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For something to happen, AF is still on holiday, and as kind as she may seem she has only sent me 5 bfns :evil: I tested again today with FMU and well yea you know.

Ive brought a Clear blue the reg test not the Digital, and im not using it untill Wed :evil: :evil: and I will make sure I dont, anyway if AF comes I wont have to.

My mouth feels like I ate Glue for lunch, its got a minging tatse in it, I got wet in the rain and now ive got the sniffles LOL but then ive had them for a week now anyway so ho hum.
LOL id rather be on holiday relaxing under a nice palm tree :D why should she have all the fun.
:hugs: Awwwwwwww babe...........bloody AF!!!!! Stick to ya guns hun, test Wednesday, the test you have brought is I said before my sister was 5 weeks when she got her there is still time, but just try to stay neutral :D :hugs: xx
Awww the wait is excruiciating isnt it,I really hope this is your month and dont worry can be like tam said 5 weeks to build up hormone and depending when in your month you fell,I always fell staright after a period and my friend was always at end of cycle so hopefully this is it and you are preg,throwing you baby dust.

take care


IM still here 8 days on, and today I feel bloated, im sure ive put on a few pounds, and I still have that niggling feeling ive came on and well I havent.

Sore boobs driving me insane, and still get pains in hips and upper legs, feels like ive ran a marathon when I havent been anywhere.

Sighs well wonder if im still going to be here tomorrow :?:
hugs to you my darling, fingers crossed and roll on wednesday, stay strong, where theres no af theres still a chance as tam said,
YAY!!! Come back tomorrow same time babe :wink: :hugs: xx
Crikey Catherine - When are you testing again?

Wednesday I think it is! :D :dance:
That's will power for ya.......well, she hopes she'll probably post that she peed on one in the mornng :lol:
hey its not over till the hag shows!!! and there are such things as false negatives ya know!!!!! OMG u got strong will power too!!!! wtg!!!! goodluck to you!! :)
hahaha I didnt pee on one, and im still not on! PMSL im going to try and make it to wed, LOL even though I was tempted to go to poundland :p to tie me over till wed but cant be bothered to go out today.

so three more days, !!! Till testing ! Unless the WITCH comes home from Spain.
Can't belive you haven't tested :lol:
LOL well last time I tested was FRI with an asda own and it was a BFN so guess im holding out a few more days to see if it helps to wait a wee bit.
Good Luck babe! [-o<
Grrrrr ok I tested bad bad bad me but DH wanted me to desprately and alls I got was another


*sighs* what now !! im nine days late dont get it.
id go to see the doc maybe?? ask them to check(i knpw home tests are accurate but if your this late......)
good luck!got everything crossed for you!!!!!!!
Well im bored now, :p dont want to wait anymore so AF if your going to get me then just hurry up and come back from whatever med holiday your on no more sunbathing or relaxing and sending me BFNs.

If you want to stay on holiday then I suggest you give me my BFP on wednesday !! (Im going to buy wilko tests this time)

10 days late today !!!!!!!!!

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