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Jan 31, 2008
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Just wondering about how you structure your LOs nap times if at all??

I don't with Maya. I just let her nap when she chooses & leave her where she falls asleep, be it in her bouncy chair, car seat etc

Somedays she can be really sleepy & she'll sleep for 2-3 hour blocks at a time but today she's just taken a few twenty minute cat naps

People are always telling me I need to start setting times for her naps & put her down in her moses basket but i'm fine with how we are doing it now

I know when I nap I don't go to my bed so I don't expect Maya to go to hers
We let Hannah nap when she's tired, unfortunately though we usually have to hold her for her to go to sleep
We let Hannah nap when she's tired, unfortunately though we usually have to hold her for her to go to sleep

Maya can be like that. Somedays I have to rock Maya for ageeees but others I just turn round & she's nodded off
Bren has a rough nap schedule. I know that from the time he wake up, he will need a nap in 1 1/2 to 2 hours. He gets cranky, rubs his eyes, so I take him in our bedroom, nurse him then rock him and lay him down. Once he is awake, he can go about 2 hours, all day long we do this. He takes between 3-4 naps depending on how long he sleeps. The 2 morning naps are generally 30 minutes to 1 hour. The afternoon one can be between 2-3 hours.
Valerie has a great schedule right now as far as feeding and naps go. She wakes up about 7am...takes a nap mid-morning(11)...then another mid-afternoon(3). Then she is up until she goes to bed around 8pm. Her naps will last usually 1-2 hours. It fits with her feeding schedule and it fits with us. Let's hope it lasts! Haha!
Colton takes his first nap 2-2.5 hours after he first wakes, which lasts for 2-3.5 hours,
Then his second nap 2-3 hours after that, which lasts for 1-2 hours,
Then his last nap 3-3.5 hours after that, which lasts 30min-1hour,
Then he is up until bedtime.
Caitlyn has a nap inbetween all 4 feeds during the day, 3 naps in total. Those are not at specific times though. How she naps doesn't affect us atall.
before Ally decided to be a very sleepy boy he was having 20-30min catnaps. He'd feed, be awake for a bit, sleep, be awake for a bit, sleep then be awake for a bit then want to feed again! Now he's just sleepy. a lot. lol.

Today I had to wake him at 7.30 (he just can't sleep past that or else I don't have enough time to bf him and get myself up and dressed before we have to go out). Then he slept 9-10. Was awake 10-11 at toddler group. He fell asleep there and slept 11-1. Fed. Then he slept 1.30ish til well..he might be waking up now. He's slept a lot less today than he has so far this week. Huzzah, perhaps I'm getting my baby back!

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