Taken by the angels at 8 weeks


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Sep 27, 2008
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I am new to the forum and wanted to say thanks as I now don't feel so isolated. Just over 4weeks ago dh & I got a suprise of a BFP. It wasn't planned but much wanted. A week after I started spotting and cramping, an early scan showed a sac but no HB, and we were told to return in a week. 3 days later my HCG levels dropped and we were told to for another scan but to prepare for the worst. Imagine our suprise when seeing a strong heartbeat and told everything looked fine. We were over the moon! A few days later I was cramping again an started bleeding heavily - so up to A &E on a friday night where I was examined an told to go home and let it happen and return for a scan on the monday to make sure I didn't need a D&C. I bled fairly heavy for a few hours and then it was like a light period for the rest of the weekend. Over this time we also grieved for our baby. When I went in for the scan I was told the baby was alive and well and there was no reason for the bleeding and all was fine - again we were over the moon. Then 2 days later I started to bleed heavy again and within 2hrs I was in A&E flooding. I was told I was going to m/c but havin heard this b4 was hoping all would be ok. Sadly the bleeding increased and I was kept in and my darling 'Bubble' of 8 weeks was taken by the angels. We are absolutley devestated. Sorry for rambling but this has been a few weeks of rollercoaster emotions and it is good to share with people who have had similar experiences. My heart goes to every women that has ever had to experience a m/c.
I am sorry for your loss hun :hugs: I had a miscarriage in january. I just wanted to let you know your not alone and although it may not seem like it now ... things will get easier! xxx
Thank you -the worst thing for me has been the uncertainty of it all. I know that time will heal but she will never be forgotten.

I am so sorry that you also had to go through this. It is only now that I truly realise how hard it is.
I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Take care hun. Big :hug:. Know that we are all here for you and your OH.
So sorry to hear what you have been through, what a horrible time for you both.

I MC'd 3 weeks on Thursday, and have found it horrible. I had a bit of spotting and was told everything was fine, and to just take it easy. 3 days later at 10 weeks I had a routine scan, and was told there was no heartbeat. You cant help but think how cruel. My LO had stopped growing sometime in the week before and I didnt know. Its sad, but ellasmummy is right. Even after a few weeks, I feel things are getting easier. I ended up sobbing for no reason a few days ago - which was quite unexpected - I ruined a perfectly good bed sheet with black mascara!!

Big hugs for you and your dh, and I hope things get easier soon x x
Oh darling, this has been absolutely awful for you. I know how traumatic a miscarriage can be but cant imagine what you both have been through given all the ups and downs you have experienced. You angel must have been a fighter.

Kisses for your angel xxx
Thank you for your wishes. It has been hard but we did console ourselves that she put up a good fight, but was just never going to be strong enough. As our little angel wasn't planned we are now left with the question of whether to try again or not. Never thought it would be so hard.

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