Taking baby swimming??

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Librastar2828, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    Do they need some kind of swim/wet suit to keep them warm or is the swim nappys enough?

    My LO is 12 weeks and we've already been once which he had just the nappy on. The water wasnt as warm as i thought it would be and he looked a little cold. I kept his body as much as possible under than water but is a wetsuit really necessary? i didnt get one before because they were all a bit big. This time iv got him one of those yellow float seats and am thinking his body may be more out of the water than when i was just holding him before meaning he'll be even more chilly than before.

    My OH thinks its ridiculous to buy one but just wondered what you all do?
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    i put poppy in a swimming costume personally i think they would be far too cold in just a swim nappy , i think poppy is too cold in her costume so we only go in for 5 minutes then out and straight into the showers to warm her up x
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    Freya goes to Water Babies and wears a huggies "Little Swimmer" with a water babies neoprene swim nappy on top. Our instructor told us to make sure the water is no less than 30 degrees, and don't keep them in for much longer than 20-30 mins. Hope that helps x
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    I'd recommend the wetsuit, that way you have it if you go swimming in different pools, go on holiday, hotel pool, visiting family etc.
    I still use LO's now even though she is nearly 10months. I find it helps to grip her too as they are very slippy when wet. If you feel more confident holding him it will be a better experience for you both.
    I'm not keen on the floating seats, they don't get the feel of the water properly,basically it's just their legs dangling in the water!

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