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Tescos for all alcos!


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Aug 31, 2006
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1 litre of Smirnoff
1 litre of Bacardi
1 litre of Baileys
1 litre of Famous Grouse

2 for £25 :twisted: Me being a non-drinker didn;t buy any but I thought I'd share!!!
I don't believe ya, but if I weren't pregnant, I would have 2 bottles of Baileys! MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :wacko:
We are having Baileys coffee but the fun is now over & I have to go put the shopping away *sigh*
Oh you cow!!!!

I always have Baileys choca moca or mocha choca whatever it is at Christmas (when I mainly buy Baileys).....I make it myself with a topping of squirty cream Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh I so want one =P~
i dont like any of those lol im strange!

the only drinks i like are wine and archers

Ohhhhhhhh do you have anything with your Archers? I find that tooo sweet, but I used to have it loads :D
vodka and orange juice is nice with it lol its the only time i drink vodka coz you cant taste it in there,

other than that just lemonade or orange juice on its own.

Archers gives me a headache after a short while!!!
I used to have it with lemonade......

I have had vodka in my baileys too Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I like black russians ....

I use to be vodka mad but have turned to Bacardi big time!
Do you like the Bacardi Gold? That is so nice Mmmm I like that neat
I like that with coke....
Soz i was a Jacky D's girl and Gin and Tonic if going out,lol

I luurveee red wine but has to be Bordeoux (sp?) and Rioja ooh am dying for a lovely alcoholic drink,not fair......xmas though I am going in to M&S and buying one of there mini bottles of cava (I know not the same as champers) and am going to drink it all to myself in a bubble bath christmas morning,lol...my treat!

Oh love stella as well....
Gin now I use to drink that with a friend in Northern Ireland me & my best mate tried it about this time last year & it gave me w whooping bloody headache! Won't touch that again!
hmmmmm £25 minus 10% discount = £22.50 :happydance:

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