the BEST sunday EVER


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Sep 5, 2006
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randomly decided to go to alton towers water park this afternoon!

took us an hour and a half to get there and £12 each to get in , but was worth it all!

it was AMAZING, floatin around in the 'lazy lagoon' with little bubs kicking away inside me.... was so relaxing

i think it was just what i needed, to get away from here and the stress of house-buying!!!

so im all prepared for work tomorrow... i think ill survive another week.

oh which reminds me... only 2 more weeks of work left *happy dancing*
Ohhhh cool sounds like a perfect day for you!

You could have popped in for a cuppa though [-( :lol:
well i would of if id of known u had put the kettle on hun :wink:
lol ... was seriously the best day ive had in ages. we should organise a meetin around that area coz its not too far for me!!!
Awww wow!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Must have been amazing relaxing with bubs kicking away!! :wub:

it was... im knackered now tho ... im off to tidy up and then im going to bed hahaha

night night girlies ill chat 2moro xxx
Oh is often those last minute decisions that make the best days out!

So glad you had a fab time babe, that would have really done you good!!

Get any pics?

Take care babe :hugs: xx
ooh im goin 2 alton in april!!! was meant 2 b goin this yr n last yr but was preg :oops:

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