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Sep 1, 2006
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i recieved an email from them a couple of weeks so i ignored it thinking they were trying to get me to buy something from them, then yesterday on one my dinning chairs (it could of been their a couple of days all i know) and they had sent me a book the 5th horseman and wanting to charge me 99p so i rang them up this morning, after going round the damn house :evil: i hate when you just get a damn answer phone to listen too, and i asked them how you got hold of my details

So now they have closed my account taken the 99p charge off and i can keep the book, i thought that was very nice of them and very shocked cos i thought i was going to have to try alot harder then i did and i was quiet rude to the women on the other end.

I don't read things like that so now i'm thinking what do i do with a book that i probably will never read??? and ideas????
whats the book about? is it like a murder mystery one?

I hope you werent shouting at her like you were at the autoglass man! haha that was so funny *go vicky go vicky go!* at least u got ur money backa and a free book!
yeah ebay it or charity shop! They'll get your details from another company aswell, its really annoying! :twisted:
good idea, and no i wasn't shouting at them just put my point across

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