the things i wont be looking forward to...

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Jun 25, 2007
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This is my second pregnancy so i thought i'd make a list of the things i wont be looking forward to in pregnancy.... pls feel free to add on;

putting your knickers on but not able to lift your leg quite high enough... can take a lot of practice! especially if you get your foot caught and have to hop to catch your balance.

fastening your shoes.. having to sit down and lift your leg sideways as you can't lean over your belly.

you put that much coco butter on that the edge's of your underwear are slightly orange. (very attractive)

getting up every half hour during the nite to pee and trying to do it quietly..

those slight little accidents when you laugh... towards the end never leave the house without a panty liner.

being so so hot all the time...and needing to strip off the minute you walk through the front door..

not able to shave... well you can with a well placed mirror..

but the good things are;

not having to say no to that gorgeous desert because your dress feels tight.. (it's tight anyway)

getting to finish work early on those days you have anti natal.

getting a gorgeous baby at the end of it all.

h x
aww thats fab this is my first preg so i dont have anything to add i just have the milestone to reach of seeing my babies heartbeat at our first scan....god im so praying xxxxxxxx
oh wow thats something i forgot to add to the good things about being pregnant...

when you hear your babies heart beat... it's the best noice in the world.. it sounds so loud on the MW's machine.

another thing is watching your belly move... lie in the bath and splash water on to your bump.. and just watch your baby move.. i remember having a little arguement with my DH one evening... (hormones) i got upset and went for a bath.. i was feeling really sorry for myself when my little bump gave me a kick.. it was like he was saying "hay i'm in here, don't cry! your not alone.. cheer up or you'll make me feel down too"... i felt like we where a team from that moment on.. he cheered me up when ever i felt hormonal and upset...

it's the best being pregnant... i can't believe i'm saying that as i did nothing but moan last time towards the end...

h x
Thats so lovely!

All those things to look forward to...I just want to get to my 12 week me thats the first big hurdle!

Really looking forward to all those things, especially bath time with bump!

yea me too. I've been given a date for my booking in appointment. 9th oct.. not long off. I'll probably go back end of nov for my scan. They do it differently now to when i had my son... i remember being able to relax and enjoy being pregnant once i had my first scan with my son.. good luck i'm sure it'll be fine.

h x
Sounds like a lot of fun and I hope I'll get to those stages one of these days. I'd like to look forward to wearing my first maternity dress.... but yes, hearing the heartbeat will take the cake. *crossing fingers*
Sideways wahing up:rofl: You have to point your belly towards the door to reach the washing up bowl:rofl:Oh the joys!!
hmmm things I'm not looking forward too...

The headaches, backaches, and heart burn

Looking forward too...

hearing baby's heartbeat
feeling baby move
seeing baby move
when baby hiccups :)

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