Think my cycle could be a mess

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by EHM, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Had a mc last month, a very very early one, so assuming this could mess my cycle up for a couple of months. I am irregular, can get the :witch: anywhere from cd23 - cd26, i'm on cd25 at the min and no :witch:. Had a weird wk, started with cramps last wed, thurs. Spotting fri, sat and sun where it was on a pad and now getting cm i think every time i wipe. Think i may of got the most convincing positive line this morning, but i know the tests are well known for false positives. AAAAAHHHHHHH my head is battered:wacko:
  2. Tudor Rose

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    sorry for your loss hun, if the old hag hasnt showed by friday and you can hold off from testing til then use FMU too. :dust: to you hun good luck

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