Think this may be ending......


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Sep 14, 2006
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have started bleeding, no cramps but half expecting them to start, phoneing EPAC in the morning. :cry:
Oh no Muffin I have everything crossed for you - I have a lump in my throat you must be going out of your mind - I am on MSN if you would like to add me x x x
Muffin is the bleeding heavy hun? Bleeding can be quite normal but I can imagine how you are feeling right now I find it hard to butter up how I know I'd be please try your best to stay positive though for many reasons including your own sanity. I'm thinking positive for you, the glue man is on his way & I forgot to give you a BIG :hugs: too x
:hugs: I will be thinking about you and praying for you.

Love Suz :hugs:
Oh Muffin, I really hope everythings ok :hugs:
Ohh babe.....I really have everything crossed babe....sending posisitve thoughts and LOTS OF BABY GLUE!!!!

I had a mega bleed at 11 weeks babe, I was taken into hospital and they were not hopeful at all, and 'we' are still here......I know that won't make you feel any better babe, but it can just show that it is not always a bad outcome :hugs:

Thinking of you and really wishing you and baby well [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<
aww bless you guys, thanks. got through to EPAC and spoke to the midwife ive been dealing with, have been told to REST(yes i am!) and if bleeding gets heavier etc to go straight in, she said they wouldt do anything right now because it may well be nothing, she reckon it was implantation bleeding???i thought that is what i had 2 weeks ago that made me do a CB test?!?!?!? :? ..........easy for them to say!!!! 8-[ have had any pain or bleeding this morning but feel like im poised waiting for it! will let you all know, otherwise spending the day with my feet up!!!
You just take it easy really may not come back, my GP said that bleeding is VERY common, but obviously very scary for those who experience keep them feet up babe, and stay as positive as possible!!

More good thoughts and BABY GLUE!!!!!

Keep us posted babe!! :hugs: xx
:hugs: I am glad to hear that you are resting. I hope that you have a good book and a toasty blanket. I will keep thinking and praying for you and the little bean. Sending you loads of baby glue and positive energy! :hugs:

Love Suz :hugs: :hugs:
just you take it easy!!! am sending lots of baby glue and prayers for u xxx
hpe everything is ok and your still taking it easy :hugs: and tons of sticky baby glue for you. Keeping everything crossed for you
hi all!!
had a really chilled day doing as little as poss, keep getting cramps but no bleed so shall assume evrything normal for now??
Oh babe, I hope this is it for you and now you can carry on with a normal pregnancy.......Just rest and do nothing for the next few days babe, give you and bean the best chance!!

Sending tons more BABY GLUE & POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!! :friends: xx
Muffin been thinking of you - Got home yesterday a little tipsy & said to my OH I should really check to see if you have updated us with anything - I'm afraid you were in my thoughts but I crawled to bed :oops:

Feet up woman :hugs: x
aww wobbs thats very sweet!(v jealous u had a drink :p ) still no more bleeding just odd cramps, boobs that are on fire and my head in a bucket all day!! which i take to be a good sign?!?!?!!?
thinking your right tam, maybe this is going to be ok? A HUGE thank to all of you who taken the trouble to leave me a message, im touched strangers care so much! :hugs:
awww muffin just saw this post!!!!

lots of hugs coming your way and positive thoughts tooo ((((()))))

keep us posted!

everything crossed for you hun...
oh honey, i am sorry i missed your posts....not been on for a couple of days....hope you are feeling better babe...tonnes of baby glue...

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