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Tips for sleeping through the night.


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Nov 30, 2006
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I really want to start baby Lewis off early any tips???
Still too young :D
:lol: :lol: Ah, Jo-anne are you having a laugh! The only tip I have is GET USED TO IT!!! Sorry :D
swaddling. Got mine sleeping through from a young age. makes them feel safe and like they are being cuddled
I done swaddling and Rebecca was still up every 30-45 mins :D Depends on the bambino I suppose :D
and i roll 2 blankets up and put them either side.
and i put my pj top that i wore to bed the night before with them. its got my smell on it then.
Hi, I really wouldnt be expecting him to sleep through the night for a few months yet.
Ewan still wakes during the night and he is 16 months, although there was a period where he slept through but that was when he was about 13months.

I tried everything dream feeds, cluster feeds, Some people are just lucky and have babies that sleep through from an early age, i wasn't blessed with one of the lucky ones!
Me neither hun but u do get used to the lack of sleep eventually :cry: eah im a martyr :lol:
Sorry hun, you just have to take it as it comes :?

Jack slept through from about 6/8 weeks and it was great but the last couple of months he has been waking again sometimes twice a night :(

Lewis will get his own routine soon enough and you will get used to the waking, in fact i bet you end up waking a couple of minutes before he does

The first weeks are always the hardest but hang in there babe
Thanks ladies for the replies.

I know baby Lewis is still young was just looking for tips when he is a bit older.

He is nearly three weeks old and likes to keep mum and dad on his toes - by sleeping all day and screaming all night the joys.
at least he sleeps in the days :( anyone who tells me that newborns sleep a lot will get a punch in the face at the very least i am going slowly insane i've had an ongoing headache for 4 damn days alana NEVER SLEEPS she is the baby who is ALWAYS awake. she will have MAYBE 2 3-4 hour sleeps in 24 hours the rest of the time she is awake. AWAKE i'm dying . sorry just had to get that out :(
Big hugs hun - the lack of sleep is the hardest thing ever x
Lexis mommy, Alana sounds like my Rebecca, she was a horror as a baby :oops: I know I shouldn't say that but she was, and she still doesnt sleep like other babies. :roll:
Colby had the problem turning night into day, and i couldnt go on with having no sleep at night and being up from 6am with Adele it just wasnt possible.
When Colby was 4 weeks old i ended up trying to keep her awake as much of the day as possible :twisted: was really hard though cos she would scream as she was so tired, so now im still in the same sort of rota :lol:

she wakes at 7am has a 8oz bottle
9am she has her weetabix and about 4oz of milk
play/annoy her till shes getting grumpy cos shes tired :lol:

bed for 10am

she wakes at 1pm
1pm she has her lunch and a bottle of juice
play for a good hour

she goes back down for a nap at 2.30pm

back up at 3.30
has her dinner &juice

playtime again (adele annoys her so mum can get on with other things dinner ect)

6.30pm bath

7pm bottle

and no later than 8.30pm bed and thats her till the next morning

sorry if none of this helps but it worled wonders for me and the keeping them awake part i only had to do it for 3 days and she went into it by herself

good luck hun :D

thanks kx :) helps other peoples babies are monsters as well lol. i think it will be ok tho, because alexis was the same till 2 months we put her in the crib from the bassinet, and shes slept through pretty much since, so thats good, hoping alana will begin to sleep through soon as well lol my fingers are crossed just wish it were now lol. luckily tommys home for a few weeks from work so he lets me nap in the afternoons, i'm still wiped tho :roll: and..go figure, the nights he stays up with her, she sleeps amazing lol kids :D

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