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TMI! Is this ok?


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Jul 28, 2008
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Sorry this may be too much info but here goes.
I have had increased CM since finding out I was pregnant which I hear is normal.... but today when I went to the loo there was loads!!!! I am now scared :cry: no blood but loads of milky white CM.
Do you think this is ok?
Jade xx
i am guesing CM is discharge as its normal to get the milky stuff and more discharge. If it goes bloody go to the doc.
Gallons of it, yup :o
so long as its whitish and not thrush, i think you are ok.
Yes. Mines increased loads.

Mines more like wet? Leaves wet patches in my underwear. So I'm changing my knickers all time lol.
Yep im full flow of it too Jade hun , I wouldnt worry hun . xx .
Yeah I don't think its anything to worry about I get it too
Oh thanks girls, I have had more than normal, but today has been a massive blob of it and I just looked down and thought sh*t! Thanks xx
Sorry I worry about everything :dohh:
I am the same as Donna....
completely normal! :hugs:
I'm the same as well, loads of it and it leaves wet patches in my knickers. I have also had a few large 'blobs', I wouldn't worry about it its just one of the joys of pregnancy! :hugs:
Sometimes I get big blobs of it like I have wet myself!! You're not alone hun :hugs:
I recommend panty liners! Thats what i use to keep an eye on the colour anyway.
me too the amount of times ive been sure im either bleeding or ive peed myself! :dohh:
yeah i get loads, and starting to use pantyliners because its uncomfy when your out and you get a'burst' of it! it seems to be increasing as the weeks go by tho, so by 40weeks il need a beach towel down there lol xxx

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