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Sep 3, 2006
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...I am going to get the bottom of my lip pierced :shock:

So yeah, wish me luck :lol: lol
oo good luck!

I had mine done a few yers ago, i had to take it out coz it didnt heal, was painful! was gutted tho coz it looked so cool

I want mine done but havent been brave enough to do it yet. Says me with a nose and tragus already done lol.
I really want mine done...
Want it done on the side like that guy out ofBlink-182!!

So jealous right now!!!

You'll have to post a pic when its looking good!!
lol just hope I don't back out at the last min :lol: Can't be any worse than a tongue piercing though lol
one of the reasons i havent had it done yet is cause it damages your teeth, im scared of dentists so want to take the best care of my teeth lol.
this reminds me of when me and wobbles were going to get a certain part of our bodys pierced :shock: :oops:

think it was me that chickend out in the end :lol:
Yer your ri gth I still don't forgive you [-(
Im a whimp Id never have anything like that pierced, I had my belly button pierced but took it out when I was pg with Ella and I have my ears done but thats about it, oh and a tatoo on my lower back!

BTW what is a trgus? I have been wondering for ages :roll: is it the funny bit of skin under ur tongue?
its a bit on the ear.

thats not my ear btw lol.
i had that done but took it out i have had my belly done my tounge done..... was really shocked as i took my belly bar out 5 years ago and about 5 weeks ago i tried to seei fi would still go in and it did so i now have my bar bk in so chuffed..... i dont now if i could have my lip done tho..... you will have to post a pic so i can ahve a nosey

Which part of the body did u chicken out of getting done hun?
It was either our tongues or nipples an she bottled it ](*,) - Ahhhh no was defo tongue I bought a tongue bar & found it yesterday!
Got it done, did'nt hurt that much lol

It's got a little pink diamond on it, but I don't think you can see it on the pic lol
i'm thinking about getting the lip of my bottom to follow

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