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Too Early? :?


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Jan 7, 2007
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Since we've found out I was expecting we've been looking online for a nice pram. At the weekend we had a look around one of the local pram stores (A Large Retail Chain)
We spotted a lovely 3 in 1 Travel System ON SALE we both ageed it was really nice. I called the store later on that day to ask when the sale ended on the particular pram the lady told me all she knew was it was part of the January sale - the sale could go to the end of January or they could take that pram off next week, tomorrow she didn't know.
We really love this pram - but is it too early to go out and buy it?? My Fiance's mum says she'll keep it at her house for us until we're ready - but I just don't know?
We're pretty cautious so we'd wait. I was pretty keen to get some stuff in the sales, but then I figured there's bound to be another sale before the little ones arrive so we'll wait till then.

It's sooo exciting though, isn't it? You just want to buy everything and then play with it all for 9 months. :D
I'm DYING to browse in some of the stores but it's waaaaay too early for me.
Besides, I would feel silly if one of the sales advisors asked when it's due and I had to answer with 'not til september'.
I am not doing ANY shopping til way over 12 weeks.
I have a long way to go yet and its killing me.
Time goes so quick, it doesn't seem 5 mins since i was sat in here drinking teaa and eating biscuits with bex et al, and now were counting down to d day. It won't be long until you can go shopping, I was very restrained and waited until i'd had 20 week scan b4 I bought anything. This time i'm so unprepared i really must start doing something or this new baby will be sharing pull ups with dd. :lol:
I've been cautious so far but once I got to 12 weeks I hit the shops, I now have a travel cot £20 bargain brand new (Asda), Activity Gym, Changing mat, Bath set, Steriliser, bottles, baby gro's Newborn and 0-3 months and body suits Newborn and 0-3 months and a couple of neutral outfits.

We're going to start looking for the Nursery furniture, moses basket, blankets and buggy in about a month, because sometimes it's 30 days delivery and then if there's a problem and you need a replacement it could be another 30 days :lol:

It's entirely up to you, but I think most people are wary until the 12 week scan when it's a bit safer.

hi hun when i was pregnant with my 2nd i bought a pram from a one of the mamas and papas stockists and i was only 8 weeks hadnt had a scan or even seen the midwife i look back and think it was really stupid but if thats the one you really like and really want id get it but dont keep it in your house leave it in your mums good luck

spunky xxx

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