Toxic Gas Scare

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    For the last few days we've been hearing what we thought was the smoke detector going off sporadically. We assumed the battery was going dead and it never went off long enough for us to have to reset it, until last night. It went off for quite awhile before it woke us up. When my husband turned it off, he discovered that it wasn't the smoke alarm, it was the carbon monoxide detector.

    That freaked the both of us out because we weren't sure if it was the batteries or if there was in fact a problem with the carbon monoxide levels since we do have a gas water heater and stove. I was worried about the baby because while carbon monoxide can be fatal to anyone, a fetus is especially at risk. I called my doctor first thing this morning and he told me to go to the ER and have a blood gas test done. They drew the blood from my radial artery in my wrist and it was extremely painful. She warned me, but I had no idea. It still hurts and i has been over six hours ago. It came back that my carbon dioxide level was beyond the normal range, but not in a critical range.

    We had someone come out and check the levels in the house, which were normal, but we aired it out for the day and installed a new carbon monoxide detector. The dogs and I had to stay out of the house for several hours, which was not fun since it is freezing here and we didn't really have anywhere to go.

    However, everything appears to be okay. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday to follow up, but he said it should be fine. I also threw up twice today, which was not fun.

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