TTC #1 but the Army is plotting against me!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by SurfNinja, Jun 9, 2013.

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    After 4 months of NTNP the DH and I decided to get this show on the road in a serious way. After we decided this, he said, "We only have two months until I go to Ranger school, we better get on it!" Cue approximately two days of being super excited, then I went to put the dates of AF into my handy dandy iPhone app and realized:

    1. He's going to be in the field for my O this month. "Oh it's fine, we'll just do it every day until you leave and hope there are still some swimmers kicking around two days later, and then we'll try again next month!"
    2. I'm not going to O next month until he's already at Ranger school.
    3. Ranger school lasts for 3 months.

    "Okay, so I guess we'll just try to have a baby in October." The Army is determined to keep me from procreating with this schedule!

    Anybody else have problems trying to catch the egg with a husband who is doing in-the-field training every time you ovulate? Because this is nuts! Not to mention he was in the field for my birthday and our anniversary this year already.

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