Urgh. Here he goes again!

Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by cutebowsxx, Dec 29, 2012.

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    FOB got to take LO down to his on christmas day for about 3.5 hrs in the evening, then picked him up boxing day 1pm and had him overnight until the next day 7.30pm.. he's next having him sunday from 10am-7pm.
    Surely this is fair right? Nope, not according to him..

    He's making out like I'm not being fair and I'm being the 'bad guy' for not letting him have LO to stay over night on the sunday night.. When FOB is back in work on the monday anyway! :wacko: So LO would be left with his grandparents.
    I don't mind that at all, but LO and I are going over my parents house on monday for a little NYE party, so I want LO back on the sunday so i can prepare, bath him and get over to my parents house early to help out etc..

    Sorry for bit of a pointless thread, but I really just needed to get that off my chest before I end up getting angry with FOB for once again pushing it. :growlmad:

    ..Yeah, I'm glad he's interested in spending time with him (even though I know for a fact he wouldn't be as half as interested if it weren't for his parents pushing him to be) But I seem to have the opposite problem to most, where they are too over the top and expect way too much! And if I say 'no' to FOB having him just once I'm made out as if I'm stopping him from seeing him!!!! (we don't really have set days either at the moment, as FOBs rota for work is all messed up) Arrgghh!
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    hi ya hun I am having exactly the same. I am also 14 weeks pregnant on monday by him :-( we have set days and times because i want our little one settled - she is a year old on the 1st jan.

    He is pushing me to the limit every time with name calling and swearing in front of our daughter, Ive started writing it all down and ive told him i am not changing days or times as they have been changed 3 times and if he isnt happy he needs to get legal advice because i cant keep disrupting Belle.

    He is having Belle tomo 10am - 3pm and I am dreading him getting her and dropping her off already. I am actually thinking of recording his conversation. I am not happy but trying to remain strong and firm for belle.

    I hate it when they make us feel like that x keep chin up hun x

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