WARNING – Don’t buy from Babytime London (aka Baby Time London, aka BabyTime Welling)

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    Many, many people on this forum have been ripped off by Babytime London, and the main thread (https://www.babyandbump.com/reviews...d-online-baby-time-london-16.html#post8774173 ) now has over 150 posts!

    The thread appears high in Google Search Results, and therefore attracts many new people to join this forum to share their bad experiences. However, the thread is now very long, and the title doesn’t alert potential new customers to the problem.

    What is the problem?
    • Babytime are taking payment immediately for online orders
    • However, orders are not delivered and customers requesting refunds never receive them.
    • Babytime doesn’t respond to emails or voice messages, and doesn’t answer the phone. :ignore:

    This is what we know so far:
    • Customers are lured to the website by low prices.
    • Items are listed as “In Stock” on the website, but never dispatched.:nope:
    • A physical store does exist.
    • The phone in the store apparently has the ringer switched off, but customers can overhear people leaving voice messages.
    • The owner’s name is Satish. There does not seem to be any other staff.
    • The company called “Babytime” was dissolved 1998. Their current registered name is unknown.
    • Satish also runs the computer repair website called “IT Jack Ltd” which apparently is located above the Babytime Store (although others have reported that Babytime takes up both floors).
    • No one seems to be able to get email or phone responses any longer.
    • Some people have had success getting through to Satish on 0777 244 5023 (he also lists this number on his IT Jack website).
    • Some people have gone to the store directly to seek their long overdue refunds. Satish has reportedly been aggressive in his manner, but when pressured will give refunds in person.
    • At one time Babytime was offering to sort out problems via this forum, if the order numbers were posted on the other thread (as opposed to via email or phone). However, he has now stopped responding to these posts... presumably due to the volume of customers with problems.
    • Babytime does not respond to written communication advising the order has been cancelled. One person even sent him a cancellation letter by registered post, but Babytime did not pick it up from the post office.

    What Can You Do?
    1. Don’t order from Babytime!!!
    2. Visit the store directly if you can, to pressure Babytime to give you your order or refund.
    3. If you have ordered within the last 120 days, and the order was over £100 and paid on by Visa Debit / Visa Credit / Mastercard Credit Card:
      • Email Babytime advising them you are cancelling your order and requesting a refund. This is your right under the Distance Selling Act. You won’t receive a response, but you need a copy of this email for your bank
      • Contact your bank and they will open a dispute. It may take 30 days, but the bank should eventually refund your money. This process is known as a “chargeback”. Everytime a bank does this, Babytime will incur a £30 fee.
      • Report Babytime to BBC Watchdog. These crooks have to be stopped! :devil:

    Having a baby is supposed to be an exciting time. However babies can’t wait months on end for carseats, cots, prams, etc and Babytime’s shocking service is causing parents like me a lot of unnecessary stress. Yes, I should have Googled and found about these crooks before ordering, but like others, I had no idea that this would happen. Lesson learned. :sad1:

    Hopefully I have included all the key information. Please feel free to add your comments here or on the other thread, to help other unsuspecting customers.
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    Ekmsystems is the provider of the ecommerce software used to build the online Babytime shop

    John Rothwell from Ekmsystems says:
    "We have no involvement with any transactions that may go through our customers shops. However we take any complaints about customers very seriously and we will log this complaint against the customer. Should the customer obtain a large amount of complaints we would have the right to terminate their shop"

    1. Please email John Rothwell at [email protected]
    2. Give details of your complaint
    3. Give you order number so he knows it is a legitimate complaint.
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    Oct 22, 2008
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    I am a fellow EKM site owner and I too have been stung by Baby Time :(

    Like everyone else I am frustrated and unhappy with how things have turned out and for 'trusting' a site. I have tried and failed to contact BabyTime and have now since contacted my bank and trading standards in hope of getting a refund on my purchase.

    I have also contacted Jason at EKM as suggested on here but unfortunately got same canned response.

    Good luck everyone on receiving refunds etc and hopefully this site will be suspended soon to safe others going through what we have already.
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    Jan 21, 2011
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    There maybe be a god after all, the website does not appear to be working!!

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