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We 100% have our names now doing a poll for you lot


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Sep 2, 2006
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Right girls help me out

We have got down to three names that are 100%

Isobel Rose Cook

Elinor Rose Cook


Abigail Rose Cook

Help please girls bear in mind these names WILL be shortened to Abi,Ellie or Issy

i voted abi is the decieder then will the results be your babies name??
Yup pretty much leaving it to the forum

Dont want to influence but would be Isobel
They are the three he has come up with bar isobel and he is choosing on results of this forum
I like Abi its one of my names if its a girl :D
I agree with you, I like Isobel the most, differnt and really pretty.
I chose Elinor .. looks like Im in the minority though .. lol.

I actually like them all .. think they are all really pretty names :D
Well DH said as i spend my life on here i may as well let you lot decide,lol

I like Isobel as i like Izzy for short!! :D They are all lovely names though and all go together well! :)
IChoose Isobel, it was one of our choices for Frankie. I love Izzy!
I like Elinor but I also like Isobel :D
I like Elinor purely so i can have ella/ellie it is a nightmare.

Are you going for Gabe still kina I love that name
I'm not sure now. My family and Matt's family hate it. It's looking more and more like Alexander I think :?
thats my gramps name

you should go for what you like at end of day and Gabe is well cool,I would have it,

Go with you gut instinct

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