=( We cant have a real Xmas tree!

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Sep 7, 2007
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DH is allergic!!! This was so hard for me last year, I remember how disappointed I was. I absolutely LOVE the smell of Xmas trees, seeing how beautiful they look all lit up in the living room! Running around the Christmas Tree Lot (Or Home Depot, whatever..) trying to find the best, biggest Christmas tree!
Last year we bought a fake one, and it just wasn't the same. It looked pretty and everything, but the magic in finding one just wasn't there. I keep thinking we're gonna go out and buy one this year with Erica, but we cant!!! :hissy:

Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone allergic to pine trees? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to get around this problem?
I have never bought a really one, they are really messy, my cats would have a field day!
I have never bought a real one iether , i find when i visit people with one theres bits everywhere! Kids would make it worse :lol:
We have a real one every year.....I know what your saying about missing it, i doubt i could go without it :) XxX
I'm sorry you can't have a real one, I love the smell of them most. Makes it smell Christmasy! You could try and create some new family traditions around your artificial one? No doubt you will enjoy your Christmas with your OH and LO regardless!
We always have a real tree. Last year I was living at my OH's mum's house though and they had a piddly little fake one...I was disappointed. :(
Thanks ladies! KiwiMama, that article was really helpful, thank you! I was talking to DH about this earlier and he said we probably can have a real one as long as we keep it in the livingroom, and a window open next to it during the day. I just hope he doesn't change his mind about it by the time we want to go get one!
my mom and OH are both allergic, so I've only ever had ONE real tree.. my mom tried her hardest because my and my brothers wanted a real tree, but she suffered..
i'm just used to fake ones now..
Aw, I'm sorry you can't have one. I've only had a real Christmas tree once. What we used to do was spray a can of pine scent on the tree that gave it the same (or close to the same) smell as a real tree.
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