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Wedding inspiration


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Nov 5, 2006
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I'm sorry if people are getting sick of giving ideas for weddings but i am really stuck on one thing.

The tables at our hotel for the reception are in a line rather than round, i don't want balloons, i think they are a waste of money for 1 night, so instead i want something that people can look at. The only thing is with the tables being in rows, its not going to be much of a center piece anyway.

i was thinking of the goldfish bowls half filled with water and put tealights floating on it but it will look odd just dumped in the middle of the long table, but then i thought that i could just put table confetti on and leave it plain and simple cos at the end of the day drinks get spilt and people don't notice half of it anyway.

does anyone have past experience or pictures or just generally creative! :wacko:
I used dried cornflowers instead of confetti, or rose petals are nice. Some candles from somewhere like ikea would be inexpensive or some small plants in nice pots that you can take home after for your house could be nice.
I was thinking of candles BUT i thought they wre not a good idea with children and drunken people!! :dohh:
i wtched a show before on how to have a great wedding but very cheap too. it was great!

they got round glass bowls filled with water with fake roses cut the stem dap the top of the rose in glue then in glitter and have 3 floating in the bowl of water, looked lovely
The onlt thing is if the tables are in a row rather than round then where would i put it?

I love the idea though :happydance:
Maybe just decorate the wine glases and maybe the place settings

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