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Nov 15, 2007
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The health visitor came to weigh Ally today and some of you might know that he's been sleeping lots and off his food a bit.

Anyway, he's lost 4 oz (in a week).

The HV didn't seem particularly concerned...but said that she'd like to come and weigh him in 2 weeks.

I'm just a bit anxious that he might keep losing weight.

I remember that Toria's Caitlyn lost a little bit of weight...but have any of your LO's lost weight when they haven't been poorly? Do you think he'll be okay? Am I just being paranoid? lol.

He's 10 weeks and 2 days...I thought it'd be growth spurting time!
Sometimes babies can get little viral infections and they just seem abit off, maybe just off their food and this is when their blood cells are working fast to keep them well but that has a knock-on effect on their weight. Babies never gain weight when they're ill (they dont have to be vomitting) because their immune system is working hard, its something to do with white blood cells or something I think. Thats what my paediatricians told me when Joe wasnt gaining.

If your little man hasnt gained in 2 weeks or lost again then they'll have to do tests. My little girl went off her food at 3 months and it was a kidney infection she had.

hope it goes well:hugs:
Skyler didnt lose weight but didnt gain as much last month due to his cold. He is now making up for it!

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