wetting the bed?


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Sep 1, 2006
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Hi all well Adele is 4 years old and has been fully toilet trained from 3 years old. Over the past 4 nights she has started wetting the bed but only twice. She goes to bed at 8pm and does the toilet before going plus i wake her up when im going to bed. I dont nderstand why shes started wetting it now she has never done this :? Im not sure if its because were moving house or because we have told her shes going to be starting nursery when we move.

She has become very cheeky towards me and spitting at me :shock: now this :( just hope its just a small fase shes going through and it will pass but she really does have to start mixing withother children because shesnever around any except Colby thats why i need to get her into nursery and learn to play with other kids before she starts school next year. I cant get her to go anywhere withanyone and dancings gone outteh window she just screams and doesnt want to join in anymore.

I want her to have friends and not be like i was and was really shy and had no friends :roll:

anyway could anyone please help on what i should do about wettingthe bed all ofa sudden?
thanks girlies
bedwetting can be a number of things, mine were trained for over a year then one night my daughter wet the bed i didnt think that much of it as she had never done it before then she did it again a few days later but she had started to come down with a bug or something,
thanks for replying hun :D
i did have a wee mummy daughter talk withher and she did say her tummy has been hurting alot so ive just picked up a sample bottle just incase she has a wee urine infection but she wont p in teh potty so havent a clue how im going to get a smaple, im sure it will all be fun :lol: just hope its nothing too bad though :(

I think kids can have accidents until they are much older than 4 - Thats what I thought anyway!

Could be they see you upset hun kids pick up on unsettled enviroments!



Wakening up a bit dazed

my son is 5 and occasionally wets the bed. it tends to be when hes worried or anxious about something. he did it quite alot when i first had his sister
Jade had an accident this year, she was 7 at the time.....it will happen from time to time, that is the first she has done since she was about 4 or 5?!
Charlie and ethan still wet the bed from time to time, they are 8 and 7 :shock:


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