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What sex do you think the twins will be? (Vote here)


ICSI Twins + miracle BFP
Aug 31, 2006
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OK, thought I'd start this thread for a bit of fun to see who can get it right.

1. We don't know the sex of the babies and we won't be finding out until they are with us!!

2. They are not identical.

So.... what sex do you think they will be?
Sorry came up eventually!!

One of each!


Erm whats the prize??? hehehehe
Lmfao i edited my post lmfao!!
Just thought you had preggy brain pmsl!!!

Lmfao get stuffed gonna have 2 of me own tvym!!!

And think how nicely the 4 of them could play together :lol:
This post reminded me of when my friend went for her 20 week scan with twins. Sonographer asked if she wanted to know what sex they were. She said "No, but are they the same?" Sonographer repiled "No" but it wasn't until two week later she figured out she was having a girl and a boy. LMFAO, daft cow!
https://www.babyandbump.com/imagehosting/thum_294625c35e4bb5e.gifI think 1 of each ansd found these great t-shirts in case:happydance:
My Aunt had 1 of each, so that is my 1 and only experience........so you have to be the same! :lol:
yea helen weve nearly all voted 1 of each so has 2 b tht :rofl:
Lynnie :rofl: at your friend.

Let's hope that you're not all disappointed. Poor little mites, what happens if it's two boys and only one person thought that. They'll have to have therapy!
:rofl: Lynnie - that is hilarious, especially since she didn't even realise for a few weeks :rofl:

I personally think you're going to have 2 beautiful girls! Can't wait to find out!
argh helen i just cant decide !!! i either think one of each or 2 girls !! (will vote when ive made my mind up!!!!)
*pats steph on head*

Don't want helen to get all ninga kick ass on ya ... you did the right thing lol!!!


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