When did this Big bump appear?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Bunnipowder, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Literally OVER NIGHT my tummy has grew lots!!! I look huge today, I thought I had been carrying very well, eating healthy (this is compared to a diet of 5 custard doughnuts everyday, a mcdonalds 5 times a week, takeaways at least 3 times a week :blush: that produced my 9lb 14 oz son, I was a size 8 to start with went to a 18 in tops.Lucky for me it literally fell off after) so I thought id be having a smaller sized baby this time but from today I can just tell another 9lb is on the way!! Although at my 24 wk 4d scan I was told she weighed 1lb 7oz but her legs will give Naomi Campbell a run for her money, got another 4d scan at 30 weeks be interesting to see what she weighs then and a normal scan at 36 weeks to estimate the weight.
    Luckily the weight hasnt gone anywhere else i still fit in my jeans just use a bobble through the button loop, I weighed myself other week and I have put on just over half a stone which is good I know I just dont know where this bump has come from :shrug:

    Sat down earliar in my Pj's and RIP they split right the way down my bum :blush::haha:

    Has anyone else been to a 4d scan where they estimate babys weight be interesting to compare at the differnt weeks and then at the end when we all have our babies here :wohoo: :wohoo:

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