Where do you put chicken when fresh out of the oven?

Discussion in 'Cooking & Baking' started by Lara310809, Nov 12, 2011.

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    When it's piping hot? My OH is a trained chef, and he leaves it on the side to cook down, as he said you shouldn't put it in the fridge until it's room temperature, as it raises the temp of everything else in the fridge and causes everything else to go off quicker.

    But he's pretty lax on remembering when to put it in the fridge, so sometimes it's out for hours. He also told me that you shouldn't eat food after it's been out of the fridge for more than 90 mins, because it's then breeding bacteria and is potentially dangerous to eat.

    So how it is safe to leave meat out until it's room temperature? :shrug:

    I don't want to doubt him, but I'm pregnant and we have a toddler; neither one of us can afford to get food poisoning...

    What do you do, and if you leave it out, how long do you leave it out for?


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