Why don't sonographers/mw's take more notice of women?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Mindy_mini, Nov 16, 2011.

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    We were actively ttc and I have always kept a record of my periods and was temping as well as monitoring my cervical mucus AND using a cbfm (which was a bit useless for us as the we conceived first month using it and jjust gave loads of highs and no peaks)

    I Know my lmp date, I Know when I ov'd and as a result of all the above I Know within 48hrs when we conceive.

    Yet they insist I must be wrong and I am in fact a week ahead of my due date i calculated from my lmp AND ov/conception date.

    I know lots of women would see this as. Ahold thing, being further along than they thought but with my dd, I was 18 days late so likelihood is I will be late this time. A week is a long time in terms of the two weeks they give you after your due date before trying to induce. I really want to avoid induction if I can but I know if I go to what they consider 43wks (42wks by my dates) they will be pressuring me to be induced.

    Anyone else experienced this?
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    I was 2weeks over with my 1st with my 2nd i was 6 hrs over. I know when i ov'd and all that they put me 10 days early and he came the day after due date.
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    I just had my first appointment yesterday. I ovulated late on the cycle that i got my BFP. When they asked me when was the date of MLP... i told them Sept 16th, but i know i didn't ovulate till Oct 4th. Will that make a difference in my due date?

    She said, no because what the due date is for is to give mom and the doctors a 2 week time frame of when to expect the baby to arrive. So unless my ovulation date and my LMP were greater than a 2 week difference... they won't account for it. But she also added that if i know that i ovulated late, than the idea of me going past my due date would be a reasonable one.

    So my EDD is June 22nd.... according to my Ovulation date it should be June 26th... i figure baby will probably be a June 2- something baby and call it good, unless they are willing to induce for family reasons.

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