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Wobbles Ultra sound............


Mum of 2 - PG with No.3
Sep 1, 2006
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Hi girls,

Charl has asked me to post on her behalf as sadly the news is not good and she doesn't feel up to coming on the forum...........

Charls lining has thinned from 12m to 7mm and she was obviously so heartbroken she walked out, so doesn't have anything else to say, as she never saw the Doctor, so don't know what would have been said......but Charl knows in her heart what it all means.

So Charl, you know WE are all here for you and our prayers and thoughts are with you......

Look after yourself babe, and you know where we are if ever you need us and just come back when you feel ready....no pressure we all understand babe. :hugs: xx

I'm so so sorry Charl :hugs:

Charm X
Oh Charls .... so sorry ....Thinking of you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Oh no.... so sorry to hear this. Really hoped it would be good news this time. Sending you loads of :hugs:
charls, im so so so sorry for you both, love to you and OH, shedding tears for youxxxx :hugs:
i know their is nothing we can say or do
that will ever take the pain from you
just so you know
when your sad and blu

were all here thinking of you

sending all my love and thoughts to you babes

i now theres nothing i can say to make you feel better, but i want you to know i am here 4 you xxx
oh honey i am so sorry....lots of love and hugs to you and oh.
xox :hugs: :cry: :hugs:
I am so sorry to hear about today. My thoughts are with you and your OH :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
sending you loads of hugs ((((((((()))))))))))) for when you need the most.
Oh i'm so sorry Charl :hugs: :hugs:

we are here for you whenever you need us
Oh Charl just read this I am so so sorry to hear this,was convinced would be ok,oh hunny we are all here for you..... :hugs:
Im so very sorry wobbles.
my thoughts are with u.
xx :hugs:
Thanks girls

Well here we go again!!! Not giving up & was really pleased to hear OH say he doesn't want to give up either esspecially as hes thought it before!

I think & hope hes starting to see my way now & have breifly spoke about going private & he knows I want the NK cells test which is £800 a lot of money if I don't have this problem but worth while to find out if I do esspecially if it means I can get help! Case anyone doesn't know NK cells are killer cells that may attack a pregnancy as a foreign body - Great if you have cancer etc but not great if your trying for a baby!

I thought I had some bleeding very very slightly yesterday morning before my U/S but ya know me been panicing anyway but by the evening my CM was strong & this morning I'm bleeding & in a little pain! I'm 'OK' best thing is I did not torture myself with testing every 2 days & my bank had a break :lol:

Maybe such a high boost in hCG will help :wink: No idea where this leaves me in my cycle at all so I'll have to hold on tight & no idea how long my levels will take to decrease so theres no testing again wouldn't even be able to use OPKs but thanks to Bexxie who sent me lots of tests when I stop bleeding I can keep an eye out on how strong the tests are every couple of days or maybe I'll just leave it! My levels will be through the roof the nurse said!

I walked out & they haven't even rang us - Madness! I just couldn't breathe the way they have been over time as well I just couldn't be bothered I just wanted to come home & have a cuddle & get my head together!

Ramble over - ~ I'm back :twisted:
I am glad you are back but feel so sad that this has happened. Hospitals are insensitive bas$$*&& arent they,they coudl have at least rang you to check you were ok or offer some kind of guidance even to say that there maybe chance that teh level of thickenss was ok,etc etc.

Wish there was something i could do,feel so helpless as do everyine here I am sure people wont mind me saying that,we all think workd of you and want to see things go good for you....I hate life sometimes it sucks!!

Sorry if I am ranting Charl,dont mean to just hate teh unfairness of it all....

Take care
Welcome back Charl :hugs:
I hope you find out some answers, you really do deserve a sticky BFP!

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