Wondering about BF and TTC :S

Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by Zarababy1, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Im taking the mini pill at the moment which stops my periods because im breast feeding and its somthing to do with the hormoans....i dont want to stop breastfeeding completly i would like to continue to feed charlie on a morning and on a night when i go back to work (which will also be when i stop taking my pill and start TTC) I'v heard its harder to get pregnant when you're breastfeeding? and also would my periods start straight away, would i still be able to get pregnant before having a period? :S:S sorry if i sound stupid but im confused!
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    Erm, well i don't think it is harder to get pregnant breast feeding, BF shouldn't affect fertility atall. Idk if your periods would start straight after coming off your pill, it may take a few months before having a period. And yep it's possible to get pregnant before having a period.
    Good luck ttc xx
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    When you are breastfeeding your body surpresses the hormone which causes ovulation (or could be it releases a hormone which stops you ovulating, I forget which...), so it can be hard to fall pregnant because you don't always ovulate. However, this is usually only the case if you are breastfeeding A LOT. If you are only doing a morning and night time feed it shouldn't affect your ovulation at all.

    I have been ovulating for at least 3 cycles now and I am sitll breastfeeding on demand.

    Hope this helps :D x
  4. TashaAndBump

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    Found this info on the net, hope it helps:

    The same hormones that make milk suppress the release of reproductive hormones. While breastfeeding full-time most mothers do not ovulate and do not have menstrual periods. This means that you can't get pregnant, at least for a while. It's as if your body is telling you, "Nourishing one baby is all you can handle at the moment. It's too soon for a sibling." So the more you feed your baby, the greater the demand is, the greater the supply - the greater the supply the greater the suppression of the reproductive hormones (the less likely you are to ovulate).

    You should be fine TTC if you are only breastfeeding part time x

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